Zhang Yixing starts marketing acting skills?Song Zuer obsessed with love?Wang Yuan jiang Yiyi to fry CP?

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1. Qu Chuxiao as the villain?Although he achieved a certain degree of public praise by virtue of his acting, Qu Chuxiao was not satisfied with stopping there, and he would let his backer push him to a higher position in the future.But now netizens are not as easy to fool as before, the days of capital feeding shit have almost passed, in this case, Qu Chuxiao’s team also know not to praise Qu Chuxiao too strongly, otherwise a careless will be bitten, even the previous recovery will be beaten back to its original form, in this case,Current QuChu shaw team began to help him pick villain in some big projects, and again for some custom his plump plot, so that the face he shone, play the villain, others also won’t be fermented his background resources cafe, and as long as the villain play, most of the time than wei guangzheng circle powder lovable, the role ofTherefore, this mode of Qu Chuxiao’s team is really three birds with one arrow, which is very clever.Compared with Liu Haocun, Qu Chuxiao is also a relatively good talent in the resource cafe. I hope he can cherish the applause now after going through the trough!2. Is Zhang Zhouxun going to marry her boyfriend?Zhou Xun and her boyfriend, Remarkable, 13 years younger, have been together for a period of time, and the other people have not been hidden, the media took pictures of it, and did not spend money on public relations, but Zhou Xun also does not love hype that set, so from beginning to end have not come out to respond (as long as the Lord does not appear, this wave of heat soon dropped).Last month, zhou xun was photographed with a small boyfriend back home, two people love pressure the road together to drink tea with milk, and media revealed today, see parents directly this time, hide nervous excellence (when you go out, he has been hard-working, active carrying bags of luggage, all things is not much, seems particularly clever, all ready to go out, when he take the initiative to drive,Later, when they went for a walk, he also walked behind them, occasionally answering their elders to ask questions), which was ridiculed by netizens for being too real, and then speculated that he and Zhou Xun had plans to go to the next step.Zhou xun is in after li3 ya3 peng2, Goldman sachs and other former counsel far, now what also don’t want to find fame or money quite big, it is remarkable, although little known, but in his review of rock circle, with zhou xun of the broken wall combination is quite harmonious, sometime would be her lover ~ but questions about zhou xun remarried, temporarily haven’t out what the wind industry,According to her friends, Zhou xun also enjoys the process of falling in love and doesn’t think about the long term.3. Lay Zhang has started marketing his acting skills?A preview of the show zhang is working on with Noonday has been released, and he was able to work with Noonday in the first place thanks to his inner circle of friends pulling the strings and noonday’s low pay.The trailer doesn’t show zhang Yixing too much, but it still feels good.After the trailer came out, the team bought a lot of press releases saying that his acting has improved so much.Zhang zhang is very good at coaching actors at noon. Before joining the cast, Zhang zhang even had one-on-one lessons with an acting teacher, including during filming, and often talked to the director about characters.If nothing else, he’s really serious about his work.Zhang yixing often gets afternoon tea for live group performances, and he expects to have access to more high-quality film and television resources once the show AIRS.He has a good relationship with the men, and often comes out for drinks, and often chats in the group.There are no time management masters left in their group. The time management masters even called Zhang Yixing some time ago and asked him to introduce some resources to them.But zhang Yixing made an excuse and refused. Helping him at this moment would be tantamount to harming yourself.4. Wang Churan is not cooperating with zheng?Since Yu Zheng said that he would add scenes to Wang In the final version of Shang Shi, wang and Yu Have maintained a good relationship for a while, but judging from the attitude of Wang’s team recently, she will not be tied to Yu zheng in the future.Is to play a supporting role to play a leading role in a drama of the pattern is indeed a glommed on some of the actors, so an invitation for are tempted Wang Churan before is understandable, but is now really is this-time-is-different, the DY, copying and abuse animals more hat buckle down, he now by netizens hate, not only was the boycott, he is after their own,Even more to Wang Chu-ran no use value, Wang Chu-ran as soon as possible with him, also regarded as a gentleman not under the wall of danger;Moreover, Wang Churan is love in a relationship and wasn’t controlled but still very been lionized reason is she partly filled a new generation of floret lack of pan jing shun big beauty market vacancy, but are shooting “is the food” in order not to let her colourful pressure during Wu Jin said, that’s how ugly she is how to arrange modelling, even to plagiarize “dae jang geum”,Back Wang Churan arranged more than present, overall, the conditions to suppress Wang Churan itself is good now, so Wang Churan this for is originally is also a lack of love in my heart, feel a little light can touch, before also injustice myself into him, no light now, she is, of course, want to in is more and more far away.”Still eat” repeatedly strive for the star and not, visible in is now really made public anger, I hope he can be “beaten” after learning how to do a good man!5. Song Zuer was obsessed with love?After finishing work with tao of the idol drama, Song Zuer already decided, for a long time will not meet the same type of drama, she have the initiative to docking late last year the cherry amber home at noon, but if not for today, zhao after she has been in a neutral state, outside of work time is eat and drink to play everywhere, also successfully reached the Yang mi & amp;A large clique.Song zuer’s inventory is particularly large before, but since the broadcast of “Children of The Qiao family” last year, she like get through the two general, including pressure for two years, can be broadcast to arrange, now there are only two episodes.For a rising flower, do not want to strike while the iron is hot to go to the next floor, combined with some of her previous behavior style (such as looking forward to marriage and children), so now there are a lot of melon users began to speculate whether Song Zuer is addicted to love, inadvertently career?My cousin also specially inquired with friends in the industry, she is still single state, the last one outside the circle object has been broken.Don’t rush into the group, in addition to her dedication to work has not been very heavy, there is this period of time are about the private time to busy graduation (write papers and graduate drama), search the her fellow artists, actually is not in the cast, mostly wu lei is 12 months after the beginning, just hasn’t been into the group (but has recently been riding vlog, maintain the basic exposure).Recently, song Zuer has been in the role of “Xianjian 6”, and she also went to the audition, but it seems that the team felt that the promotion of her is not enough, but may be because of the comparison with the original is too strong, so now the intention of signing is not high, the new play will wait.6. Wang Yuan and Jiang Yiyi want to fire CP?Wang Yuan is now working in the production team with Ren Min. Ren Min’s team likes to give her a film project with be theme, which is also very cruel.Don’t worry fans, there won’t be any intimate scenes in the show, and once the show wraps, wang will be back in the cast in March.The next drama is “under the city”, partner child star flower Jiang Yiyi.Jiang Yiyi was not the actress for the original project. It was the girl’s perseverance and several auditions before she got the job.If I remember correctly, this is Jiang Yiyi’s first female lead, and her team takes it very seriously and is willing to pay their own money to promote it.When the play side will let Wang Yuan and Jiang Yiyi fry together a CP.Jiang Yiyi team is not a demon, the wind is also very good, Wang Yuan for the speculation CP is not excluded.Jiang yiyi and Wang Yuan have crossed paths in private. They have a wide circle of child stars and have many friends in common.Jiang Yiyi before the university period also chased another child star flow, but the other side is not very cold to her, she will be wise to leave.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN