What is the reason for the advance payment of pension in February?Guangzhou retirees have received

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What is the reason for the advance payment of pension in February?Guangzhou retirees have received!I just received the pension and one-child bonus for February this afternoon, and the allowance was received several days before the festival.Coordinates guangzhou.Money will be easy this Spring Festival.In fact, Guangzhou is not called festival subsidies, but festival consolation money.Twice a year, Mid-Autumn festival and Spring Festival.It has been more than 40 years since 20 yuan was issued each time, and this year it only increased by 30 yuan.In addition, pensions for February have been paid out in Foshan, Guangdong Province.Why early pension payments?Why should it be given out early?Isn’t that enough every month?Or boost the economy for the Spring Festival?In fact, there is no sense in advance, advance hair is equal to advance use, how to use up in advance after the second half of the enterprise was not much, do not know how to spend money.It could also be that many families are counting on their pensions to do well over the New Year.So there’s nothing good about early retirement.If it is every month just use up the pension, early hair early use, that February will be tight money.Annuities is the life guarantee of retiree every month, with early hair and on time hair did not have too big concern, also want to do according to one’s ability.If it is multiple then happiness.Oneself do not suggest to extend ahead of schedule, the old man of present home how much deposit money, do not have other source, how much already made a plan, do not issue its accident to go, had better send on time.Does every place have Spring Festival gift money?In Shanghai, I have given 650 yuan in Spring Festival subsidies for many years. This year, the subsidy was raised to 800 yuan.Warm winter full of gratitude!It is said that Jiangsu is an economically developed area, it is said that jiangsu’s per capita GDP is the first province in the country, but Jiangsu has never heard of holiday subsidies and comfort money.Zhejiang province grants subsidies to retired workers only hangzhou ningbo has, other cities do not.Spring Festival allowance for retirees in Ningbo has been issued, 2000 yuan per person.I hope the old people who get pension can live a good and healthy life, don’t think too much about money, because health is more important than money!Health is nothing without money!Good health and proper money are both indispensable.