Shirts are simple, crisp and versatile

2022-05-14 0 By

Mention the collocation scheme with the highest rate of spring appearance, can not mention the coat + shirt.The pair can capture more than half of a 40-year-old woman’s winter and spring fashion sense.Striped shirts are mostly casual and simple, and can be worn with any coat.In the winter, everyone likes to wear to show in administrative levels, further improve their fashion charm, and in the spring, you can still reflects the fold wear different style, because you can choose a coat basically in the spring and a build, this is our choice is many, inside take can choose shirt, a T-shirt or sweater, coat can choose to suit,Trench coats and various knitted coats.For some middle-aged people who wear trench coats more seriously and dullly, they must try striped shirts more in daily life.It should be noted that the choice of stripe shirt color should take into account the lower outfit, want to wear more points, the secret of the small mind is essential.Open the two buttons on the top of the shirt, slender neck and collarbone are revealed, maximum ground releases the woman taste that cannot compare, show fine wrist again, stroll carefully will elegant amorous feelings came out.