Good news: Zhou Shen joined “The Voice of God 3”, the new song “Star Fish” online

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Was hot last year, the singer zhou in 2022 further, Spring Festival gala alone on the eight or nine, and enter 2022 to more than a month, there have been many new songs were launched, each stage per song in the discussion topic, many topics have boarded out again and again, as you can imagine, the power quality and the stem, a good singer,The stage of the future will be bigger and bigger.This article separately shares two good news of Zhou Shen, one is an official announcement of Zhejiang SATELLITE TV spring evening, the other is a new song just released today.Both of these messages are very important, especially for Zhou Shen, which can be regarded as a renewal of his career.In the spring of the Year of the Tiger in zhejiang SATELLITE TV 2022, Hu Haiquan answered the host about “The Voice of The Gift 3″ related questions. Through his live answers, it can be clear that the new season’s resident music partners are Hu Haiquan, Hu Yanbin, Zhou Shen and Angela Chang.This answer is equivalent to the official announcement of the show, and Zhou’s participation in the show as a permanent guest is also a proof that his career has gained new development.”The Voice of God” is the first comprehensive program of Zhejiang SATELLITE TV. Together with “The Voice of China” and “Praise for Songs”, it is one of the three well-known comprehensive programs of Zhejiang Satellite TV.Zhou shen participated in many variety shows before, in these shows have excellent performance.I believe that with his professional and on-site ability, he will be able to bring great attraction and attention to this program.In fact, since the news of Zhou Shen joining in the “release” began, many netizens said: Zhou Shen, this program is set!02, Zhou Shen’s new song “Star Fish” online, a few hours top Tencent by your music list NO.1 “Star Fish” is 5G panorama new literature VR animation theme song of the same name, Li Chen wrote the lyrics, composed the music and arranged the music.The melody of this song is very eye-catching, from the low tune gradually rising, after reaching the peak, and into zhoushen’s unique singing.This chant is very advanced, with both the vastness of “On the Cliff” and the aesthetic depth of “Big Fish”, especially aesthetic.And in the second part of the song, and added “ta la Du Li” creative voice, also let this song level up again.All in all, the song is beautiful and beautiful, but it’s easy to get lost in and even sing along.When listening, I tried to sing along and was able to finish the song without feeling unstable after singing.Xiaobian is very surprised, xiaobian believes that this song “Starfish” has both good and popular premise and foundation, will be loved and sung by many people.Here, small make up in particular is, “star fish” this new song record company is Shanghai Jin Yan Culture Media Co., LTD., the company and singer Zhou Deep relationship is very close.In other words, the song has another unique identity attached to it.No wonder the song just online, caused many weeks deep fans of the excitement, have recommended this song good and easy to sing.Today is the first day of the start of the year of the Tiger 2022. Singer Zhou Shen has brought us so many surprises. I believe many people are listening to his songs on a recurring basis, or reviewing the variety shows related to him.03, I wish you a lot of harvest in the Year of the Tiger, more excellent xiaobian also take this opportunity to share with you again, I wish you all in the year of the tiger can “huhu shenghui, heart”, also can follow the pace of quality singers, more and more excellent!