Open 24 hours, about 60 yuan per person “unmanned hot pot restaurant” would you like to have a taste?

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A shop of 65 square meters, there are 9 sets of tables and chairs, 6 freezers, and you can see the self-service seasoning area, tableware storage area, kitchen waste cleaning area…This is Yang Yuchen Unmanned Hotpot Restaurant (hereinafter referred to as Yang Yuchen), located at No. 12, Shuying Street, Jinniu District, Chengdu.Different from traditional hot pot restaurants, the restaurant is basically open 24 hours a day, with staff only available for a certain period of time.The reporter inquired a number of platforms found that “unmanned hot pot restaurant” is still a new thing in Chengdu.According to media reports, unmanned hotpot restaurants have opened in other areas.Chongqing Jiulongpo district hongjinhua 24 hours no self-selected hotpot restaurant, consumers need to add their own pot, take vegetables, clear the table;The youjian Desert 24-hour unmanned hot pot in Nangang District, Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province, can brush your face to take food and feel the services provided by small robots…As for unmanned hot pot restaurants, Yuan Xiaoran, executive chairman and secretary general of the Chengdu Restaurant Association, said, “This unmanned business model can save some labor costs and attract some groups to try new dishes.”However, how to ensure the health and safety of unmanned hot pot restaurants?Could it be a new outlet for the restaurant industry?February 7, Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star news reporter visited chengdu’s unmanned hot pot restaurant, dialogue industry personage.Yang Yuchu, a waiter within the specified period of 60 yuan per capita, started business at the end of September 2021 and has been open for five months now.Yang Liang, owner of the restaurant, said he has a long experience in the catering industry. “I started to make night snacks such as maocai and grilled fish in 2013.But in recent years, the labor cost of the traditional catering industry is getting higher and higher. The model of unmanned hot pot is actually worth trying.”Yang Liang introduced that after entering the store, consumers can take POTS, bowls and chopsticks and other dining tools at the rear.Came to the freezer, the reporter noted that food is divided into meat and vegetable, pot bottom, wine area.”Meat and vegetables are packed in boxes and the bottom of the pan is sealed.”Yang liang explained that consumers can select dishes by scanning the code on their mobile phones.After the reporter measured, it was found that the scan code will enter the “smart retail” small program, take out a box of dishes will show the price.”The price on the phone is almost the same as the price on the fridge.Sometimes there may be some price difference depending on the weight.When the door is closed, the mini program automatically deducts the money.”There are currently five flavors available.”At the water connection area, we will mark on each kettle the amount of water needed for the bottom of each pot, and customers can fill the bottom of the pot as prompted.”Yang liang said, after the operation directly open the induction cooker can enjoy the food.What if there is a shortage of ingredients?The reporter noticed a sticker at the door that said, “Service available from 17:00-22:00.”There is only one waitress in the store during those hours, “who is responsible for restocking, cleaning, bottom washing, etc.There are still some customers who do not clean the bottom of the pot or do not use the induction cooker after eating, so it is necessary to leave people to check the situation.”At said.Speaking of the current business situation, he thinks the income is fair.”Our ingredients are about 30 percent cheaper than those in traditional hotpot restaurants while saving labor costs.There are more people eating at night, especially young people who want to eat late at night, and ride-hailing drivers come to eat at night.”The store spends about 60 yuan per person and currently earns about 40,000 yuan a month, according to the store.As the first unmanned hot pot restaurant in Chengdu, what is the popularity of Yang Yuchu?”I didn’t know there was a hot pot restaurant nearby.I don’t really want to try. Can the bottom of my own pot taste as good as that of a traditional hot pot restaurant?””Said an aunt who happened to be passing the store.However, another young citizen thought the format was novel.”I’ve seen this store on video platforms before, but I haven’t tried it yet.”Asked if she thought it would be too much to do the whole thing, she said it was fine. Just leave the POTS alone.How about the operation of unmanned hot pot restaurants in other cities?Reporter search found that in the beginning of 2021 in Chongqing, Hong Jinhua 24-hour self-service hot pot restaurant has suspended business.The reporter through Yang Liang provided the hongjinhua store contact information, contacted the store employee Shi Xiuqing, she said that the two hongjinhua stores were closed on July 30 last year.Why business more than half a year to face closure?Shi Xiuqing frankly, the main problem is the operation and location.”There are only two employees in my shop, and they are both older.The previous system was so advanced that we struggled to understand it.It doesn’t go very smoothly every time you run inventory in the background and power goes out.”Older workers have trouble with the new system, and some consumers find frequent scanning a hassle.”Our first store was on Torch Avenue in Jiulongpo district.Consumers have also complained about cumbersome operations, such as having to scan the freezer again every time they open it.”Shi xiuqing explained, “However, the first store was well received because there were more young people nearby.But the second one wasn’t so good.”According to the introduction, the second store is located in Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, “many tourists, can bring some flow of people.But because it is downtown, there will be more elderly people around.They have a bad experience because they’ve never seen it and they keep scanning it.”Shi xiuqing said.Industry insiders: Hot pot has strong social attributes or lack of “temperature”. How do industry insiders view unmanned hot pot?Yan Long, executive director of the Sichuan Hotpot Association, said, “The innovative spirit of unmanned hotpot restaurants should be encouraged, and since the process of making hotpot has become standardized, the unmanned model can be tried to save costs.”However, “at present, these stores are not stable enough in the application of technology, for example, when consumers scan code, do they encounter arbitrary charges, application delays and other situations?Moreover, it is impossible to operate unmanned 24 hours a day, as replenishment and security need to be done by people.”In addition, according to Yuan, hot pot has strong social attributes.”There is a lack of temperature if the whole process is unmanned.Friends and family get together and enjoy being served more when eating hot pot.It would be too mechanized if I do it all by myself.Yuan Xiaoran said that unmanned hot pot in the front is the need for personnel as a “connection point”, otherwise it is just a commercial “self-service supermarket”, it is difficult to ensure the sense of experience of consumers.When it comes to the prospect of unmanned hot pot, Yuan Xiaoran believes that it needs to be tested by the market.”Aside from the lack of warmth, self-help is characterized by convenience and experience, which is clearly not done well enough.It takes a long time to eat hot pot, and it’s easy to feel tired if you keep sweeping and taking vegetables, rinsing and adjusting the heat in the process.”In addition, food safety also needs to be strengthened supervision.”The freshness of food ingredients, regular washing of dishes and chopsticks, and recycling of used edible oils and fats need to be gradually strengthened.”Open 24 hours, about 60 yuan per person “unmanned hot pot restaurant” would you like to have a taste?- Beijing,