For the first time ever, a Saudi women’s soccer team has taken to the field

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The team’s coach, Monika Staab, revealed the final list of players for their first international match against Seychelles on February 20, followed by a match against Maldives on February 24.The coach of the team, Monika Staab, revealed the final list of players who will face Seychelles on Feb. 20 in the first match of the national team before they play against the Maldives on Feb. 24.The two matches will mark the first performance of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever national women’s soccer team as it prepares for entry into FIFA’s monthly graded tournament.The two matches will be The first on The records of The first national women’s team,which is preparing to enter the monthly classification of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) officially.The final list of players included:Lama Al-Anazi, Sarah Khaled, Mona AbdelRahman (goalkeeper), Atheer Khaled, Bayan Sadaqah, Hessa Al-Saadallah, Leen Muhammad, Lana Abdel-Razzaq, Ohoud Al-Amari, Tala Al-Ghamdi, Mashael Al-Harbi (defense), Asrar Al-Shaibani, Dalia Abu Laban, Fahda Al-Saad, Juri Tariq, Layan Johari, Maryam Al-Tamimi, Farah Jafri, Noura Al-Ibrahim, Raghad Mukhaizin, Sarah Hamad and Saba Tawfiq (mid-field), Al-Bandari Mubarak, Al-Bandari Muhammad, Tahani al-Zahrani (Attack)Staab stressed that the main purpose of the two matches was to gain experience, saying: “Our aim is to give the players the necessary experience to play in international tournaments.”In addition, we also strive to enter the FIFA classification competition.Staab stressed that the goal of these two matches is to gain experience, saying: “Our goal is for the players to gain the necessary experience to play international matches. In addition, “Since September we have been looking for players who can go on to the national team and play in official and international games,” she said of the selection rules that have been put in place.About the mechanism that she followed to select the players, she said: “Since last September,We have started searching for players who can join the National team’s journey and play in its official andInternational Competitions. “Saudi Football Federation Board member and Women’s Football Director Lamia Bin Bahian said:” I would like to congratulate the players who have been selected.I would also like to thank those who did not make the list for everything they did in camp to the end.I encourage them to keep training and try to be part of the team.”A member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and Director of the Women’s Football Department, Lamia bin Bahian, said: “I would like to thank all the players who have been selected. And I also like to thank the rest of the playersWho didn’t make it to the list for the work they did during the camp until last. I urge them to continue working andTrying to be with the team again.”