As a fan who does not understand the ball, talk about the national football team lost to Vietnam

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Watching a ball, toss and turn to sleep, or have to put the word code out, feeling too deep summed up the content of 4 points.1 before our subject has a quite personality of the teacher, specific things know know don’t know calculate, he once said to us, I can not change the environment, but can change the small environment.And I said, secretly, of course, that you can’t change a little bit.As a matter of fact, he taught us all kinds of hanging us, giving us difficulties, and then the next class to do what you like to do, do not disturb the students who want to listen to the line, and then he simply resigned.In fact, he did the right thing, but this trend is not good, maybe not one person can completely change, just like the environment of Chinese football, whether CAI Pingpong, programmers, Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng, are to carry the blame, whether you know football or not.I have always had a point of view is that The Root of Chinese football is rotten, the only way is to tear down and rebuild, at this time need a person, understand the ball also have to say, not eager for quick success and instant benefits, sleep on brushwood and taste courage to do twenty young training, you look again!There is no problem that when we mention Japan, it will immediately rise to ethnic hatred. For every Chinese with a conscience, we should keep that history in mind and work hard to strengthen ourselves.But the more is that we think is inferior to you, before suddenly can shit on your head, you can not stand the humiliation, so we can not accept, I also think so in high school that would, of course, but the change is my one of my high school classmates counter attack, starts from the first pour five at the end of the test class three class the story of the top ten,A lesser than you suddenly better than you, you should not learn more from others?!Japan is a case in point. The Westernization Movement of the Qing Dynasty started at the same time as the Meiji Restoration of Japan. Without mentioning the details, the result was China’s crushing defeat in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, which began 50 years of humiliation.The second time was in the 1980s when the youth football training was conducted at the same time. Japan had been learning from Brazil for decades, and we were learning from Germany today, Spain tomorrow and who the next day.Now China is playing Japan, can pass half the court is very good, let alone into the opposite 30m range.In the next 10 years, China will be more than happy to learn from Japan.In addition, Vietnam this team can win in China, which is expected, is three years ago by the team in u23 Asian cup along the dark horse in the final, before the game there are a few in Vietnam I watched the game, and then finally the end of the game I sent my Vietnam the teacher elder sister a WeChat, I said you this team is too strong, dare not say trip to Asia,But playing China for 10 years without a problem, last time it was hard to kick them 3-2 and get beat by a bunch of mindless hookers, today it hit those guys in the face.3. Today say what also get a whip Evergrande resin, 13 years won the champions league, once I powder, roll for me a massacre team’s fans, don’t say much more happy, not luneng Evergrande line, but after 14 years powder turned black, eldest brother you the world second foreign aid, combined with uniform international bench are international, is this year let luneng massacre as to al-ittihad,Play in Asia who uneven, or that sentence to Chinese football does not help!Later there are a large number of follow copy homework copy do not understand China, quanjian, Suning and port can only say a little bit of success, directly with rhythm, let engage in youth training can not live, Liaoning did not, greentown demotion, Luneng also almost a year demotion, this is not funny.Better to build than to buy?So begin from last year these a few big make gold dollar football to pass not quite good, disband disband, owe pay pay, I think it is a good thing, violate the development law of thing to be damned!On the contrary, luneng double champion this year, green city back to the Super, this is a good thing, with our research group a teacher love to say a word is “but good, don’t ask the future”, God will not forget the people who work hard silently, this is the best answer!4. Finally, no matter what profession we are in, it is more important to do it one step at a time. Excessive ambition and excessive growth is just like drinking poison to quench thirst.Go against the rules of things and you will be punished!