Antarctica: Why doesn’t Antarctica belong to any country after more than 200 years of discovery?

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Human beings are greedy. They are never satisfied with what they already have, but always want more.The root cause of many wars in history is land. After all, the earth is only so big, and everyone wants his country or race to occupy more territory, get better resources and get stronger development.In the current society, the territory of each country has been basically divided, and generally there will be no major changes, which causes a problem.We all know that there are seven continents on the earth.Six continents have been occupied by human beings, but Antarctica is also one of the lands on the earth, but no country or people can really occupy this land, why on earth?The South Pole is located in the southernmost part of the earth, with a high latitude, which makes it possible to receive relatively little sunlight. The sun is invisible for a long period of time in a year, which is a state of eternal night.However, even sunlight does not help the temperature of the land much, so Antarctica is covered with ice and snow all year round. There are few plants, and most of them are carnivores with thick fur.Therefore, from the perspective of the environment, the low temperature of Antarctica is not enough to meet the needs of human beings. After people from any country or region come to the Antarctic, they must add a thick layer of clothing for themselves, and even need to be equipped with adequate oxygen tanks and other external facilities to carry out normal activities in Antarctica.Therefore, the South Pole is not suitable for human habitation, which is why in the early days of human footprints all over the world, but did not reach the South Pole.In addition to the cold temperature, There is also very severe natural weather in Antarctica. As mentioned above, Antarctica is located in the high latitude, under such geographical environment, there will be many natural disasters, such as strong winds and snowstorms.With winds that can reach force 12 or even level 3, no human building is safe, and the ice is too thick for humans to build proper structures on the land.Even if you do build a house in the South Pole, life is always in danger of death.The Unique history of The South Pole has not been occupied by any country, and there are historical reasons. As we all know, the South Pole is located in the southernmost part of the earth. It is an independent land without borders with any other land, so it is impossible for ordinary people to reach the South Pole.Even in this age of advanced technology and transportation, it is very difficult to go to the South Pole alone, not to mention the warmth and transportation are far less than in ancient times.For a long time, therefore, Antarctica remained unknown to all but a few navigators, and even then no one gave it any thought.As mentioned earlier, Antarctica is not suitable for any plant life, so we humans cannot develop basic agriculture here. We must become true meat eaters if we want to live and work here.Relatively few creatures at the South Pole, one of the most famous is the penguins, of course also has a small fish in the waters around, shrimp to feed on, but all the year round meat for human such omnivores, nature is impossible, if someone really live in the Antarctic, so his health is bound to appear some problems, unable to get a balanced nutrition,Too much meat and protein can lead to various diseases.And hunting in Antarctica is a very difficult thing, the evolution of animals in one thousand are evolved into ability, their fur can be mostly and the ice of all over the sky, it’s hard to find, even a penguin can also high-speed sliding on the ice, want to catch is a very difficult thing.Moreover, the ice around the Antarctic is extremely thick, and it is not easy to open it to catch the creatures in the sea, which requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Therefore, people will not choose to live in the Antarctic.Despite the fact that the environment and ecology of Antarctica are extremely unsuitable for human life, there are still many nations that want to dominate the continent.Many nations are vying for sovereignty over Antarctica because it is uninhabitable, its vast soil can be used for military research and its natural cold storage serves as a kind of “warehouse”.The United Nations naturally could not sit idly by, so under the mediation of the United Nations, there have been about a dozen countries carved up the Antarctic soil, but they only obtained the right to use the land in parts of the Antarctic, but did not really regard the Antarctic as their own sovereign territory.The UN’s intervention has prevented conflicts between nations over Antarctica, but that is no good either.From the carving up of the Antarctic, we can see the greed of human nature, even if it is a piece of barren land also want to win, such a variety of behavior is worth us all to carry on a profound reflection.Conclusion Although Antarctica is a land not suitable for human habitation, it has a large amount of fresh water resources and biological resources, so it has become a contested land by accident, and is still under the eye of many countries until today. It is a tragedy indeed.A pristine biological paradise has lost its original form, with no regard for the isolation of Antarctica’s ecology and the threat posed to its pristine soil by human actions.Recently, Antarctica’s glaciers have gradually melted, and the trend is becoming more and more unstoppable. This is also a reflection of human suffering. We hope that human beings can stop the loss in time and protect the purest land on earth.