World of Tanks Spring Festival Marathon exposed!Chinese server officially confirmed that the Bald Chieftain will be added!

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Territorial war is here again. Hey, captains, this is tank zero.Last night, there was an announcement on the Chinese server website about the territorial war, in which it was confirmed that the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, the tier 10 Y special heavy tank known to players as the “Bald Chieftain”, would return for the territorial war season.Also, the Chinese server will have a liver cart marathon this month, so today I want to talk to you about the territory war award, the bald chiefdoms, and the marathon.1800+3800 is a qualification number, not a specific tank number. To be ashamed, I personally don’t participate in any social gameplay in the game such as legion/regiment, so I don’t know much about this part of the game.Can so far we have seen here a training message?A territorial battle is a battle between clans known as a “siege” battle, in which individual reputation points are earned and players who participate are ranked, and players who are ranked can exchange reputation points for vehicles.In this year’s territorial war, if you want to auction a tank, you need to participate in the battle to obtain tank parts, and then use the parts to synthesize the “tank auction permit”, which is the qualification to participate in the auction.Which means, no matter what, you’re gonna have to fight a territorial war to get that car.Then let’s talk about the so-called “Bald Chieftain”, whose full name is T95/FV4201 Chieftain. Its performance, especially the tank’s overall output and turret defense, is one of the best in the tier 10 heavy tanks, and it has always held the first and second place in all kinds of big data rankings.T95/FV4201 Chieftain is more powerful than chieften thousand Chieftain Mk.VI and ChiefFive Thousand Chieftain T95 chieftain, which caused a great shock when it was first launched.Subsequent changes to the game mechanics — map design, HE changes, trolls and artillery nerfs — helped elevate chieftain T95/FV4201 to the top.The T95/FV4201 chieftain and the Chief5000 chieftain are actually the same combination of chieftain turrets on the T95 medium tank hull, but in the game client file, these are the two tanks, their data kernel is completely different, among which the T95/FV4201 Chieftain’s strength lies in:120 gun with a single 440 damage shot and a high 7-8 second 270/322 penetration double APCR round,The 1150/1334 HESH also has 530 damage, 140 penetration and 1,067 ammo speed. Excellent integrated gun control, extremely strong turret frontal defense -10 degree depression, 410 meters base view, not bad maneuverability and flexibility. If most tier 10 tanks are barely getting by with one or two advantages,A few tier 10 tanks stand out with just three or four good points, so for the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, it’s a “tall and complete” vehicle in its own right, with just one or two bad points (such AS poor body defense), comparable to the next-gen AS M9 Karnzbach in Full Metal Mania.- Wargaming made the “Guardian of the Crown” for it, but it’s not the output ability, the overbearing iron head, and the -10° depression Angle, plus the current environment of selling head, HE has no effect against selling head, T95/FV4201 will be an ecological disaster,It will further eliminate tier 10 heavy tanks that are already struggling to survive, such as Type V heavy tanks.Most of the 5,600 available T95/FV4201 chieftain will know how powerful they are, so let’s assume that there are 5,000 T95/FV4201 chieftain who will join the national server after this battle.Personally, I don’t think they’re going to be able to recreate the t-54 Wolf Pack anytime soon, probably in terms of numbers.However, when it comes to specific battles, every battle with T95/FV4201 chieftain on the opposite side of the wild team will be a terrible experience of battle, with it is absolutely a very painful thing, from this point of view, it is indeed a disaster.After last year’s AMX30 early prototype marathon, I told you that there would definitely be a “Spring Challenge” marathon at the end of January 2022 around Chinese New Year.The wZ-114, a tier 9 premium heavy tank of the C-series, should have a special dragon/Tiger 3D skin, even though the link to the previous promotional video didn’t reveal anything.Of course, the wZ-114 is currently at tier 9, its stats are still weird, and it can’t be ruled out that it will be modified before it launches, just like the Object 268 V and AMBT were at auction earlier.The current WZ- has the following features:Tier 9 heavy tank has the highest HP (2300), strong survivability. As a C-series vehicle, it has the extremely rare 130 gun with -10° depression Angle, which has high damage per shot (530), strong deterrence, high penetration of silver coins, qualified penetration of gold coins (266/311), standard C-series heavy tank 4-man crew with excellent crew versatility and poor mobility.- Assault/transition is a no-go, 19-second reload, low DPM, low error tolerance, long aim time, 0.33 in all three reams, overall bad gun control, putting a gun with a single shot higher than a tier 10 credit on a tier 9 premium is a bit excessive.The wZ-114 upgraded to tier 9 is essentially the same as it was at Tier 8 — the C mammoth, rough and heavy, but it has poor mobility, gun control and loading, and is one of those vehicles with obvious strengths and weaknesses.Wz-114’s specific performance, whether it is worth liver/buy, and so on the marathon opened I will certainly do it for you.As for Chieftain T95/FV4201, I don’t participate in territory activities, so I’ll borrow it for a test when one of my big guy friends gets it.To be honest, I didn’t expect WARgaming to bring back the T95/FV4201 chieftain, it’s probably 45 ton MBT and the response from players is so bad.For all Chinese server players, it’s not a good thing for them to join the Chinese server, because most of them can’t get the tank, the Chinese people have known the truth about inequality for thousands of years.I am Anabel, Kato, always for the vital interests of our players.If you like my car review, please forward to share propaganda, let more drivers home.