They are so ordinary and so powerful!Witness quanzhou Licheng battle “epidemic” strength

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Source: People’s Daily Online – Fujian channel original manuscript heard the order and moved, the whole nation to fight the epidemic.On the evening of March 13, Lisheng District of Quanzhou city started nucleic acid testing, medical staff, community workers, party members volunteers, give up their homes to care for everyone, the charge in the front.Residents fully cooperate, concentric anti-epidemic, scenes of heart-warming stories in the anti-epidemic front line.The Party flag is flying at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.A party flag is a line of defense, a tent is a fortress, each nucleic acid sampling point in Licheng District, party members and cadres have charged in front of the establishment of 96 temporary party branches, the establishment of 196 member commandos, set up party members vanguard, 188 party member responsibility area,We will guide 99 Party members, 201 Party members, and more than 2,000 in-service party members to strengthen the frontline epidemic prevention and control forces, take action, take responsibility and write warmth with responsibility, and fight at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control!Zhang Fan (right) checks information with a colleague.Yesterday morning, in linjiang street Licheng District experimental primary school nucleic acid sampling site, medical staff, community workers, volunteers and other continue to fight in the sun in the front line of the anti-epidemic.Zhang Fan, deputy secretary of the Wubao Community Party Committee in Linjiang street, is one of many who work until 3 am the night before and go to work early the next day.”I was called at short notice on the weekend when there was no one else at home and I had to take the baby with me.”Zhang Fan took her daughter to the community for the first time, then she opened the “busy” mode, household investigation, layout, registration of personnel information…Zhang didn’t realize she had “forgotten” her baby until around 2 am, when she saw her husband waiting in line for a nucleic acid test with their daughter.”My daughter was only 10 years old, and when I brought her into the community, I got busy and left her alone.In fact, like me, many community workers put the people first rather than their families.”The sail was moved.Zhang Fan poses with her daughter.Zhou Yuehui, holding a “small speaker”, walked through the streets and lanes of the community, informing residents to participate in nucleic acid testing.”Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. Please take nucleic acid test in time. Thank you for your cooperation!”Since the outbreak, carp in dongmen street community retired a whole Zhou Yuehui volunteered to join the volunteer team, the 77 – year – old “small horn”, in his hand through the streets, community went door-to-door to inform residents crowd in nucleic acid detection, the community has many old people, to line up at the sound of my radio.”Seeing a long queue of nucleic acid samples, Zhou yuehui was busy helping to maintain order until late at night.At 8:30 in the morning the next day, he continued to take the horn without stopping notice, as if tireless, “during the epidemic, our party members should play a vanguard role, take the initiative to take the lead.”Su Jiamei is a medical worker in the Community Health service Center of Kaiyuan Street. After the nucleic acid test started in Lisheng, Su jiamei and 5 teammates were arranged to the nucleic acid sampling site of The Xiyu Central Primary School in Quanzhou city.The six of them work shifts, taking breaks every three hours.Say to rest, also can sit on the ground only actually, rely on basketball frame to rest.Before the break was over, everyone would get up early to help with the disposal of medical waste.After the shift, the medical staff took off their protective suits and sat down to rest. Their clothes were soaked with sweat.”Wearing this protective suit means responsibility!I am very proud to contribute to epidemic prevention and control.”After a night’s work, Su jia-sister’s eyes were a little tired. She and her colleagues’ arms were always sore due to the repeated tearing and sampling of cotton swabs for a long time, but everyone was still full of energy without complaint.She responded to the loss of her life by singing that She had been stationed at the nucleic acid sampling site to help maintain order.Ye Rui ‘e is a resident volunteer in Tu Men community, a haibin street. She has been working at the nucleic acid sampling site to help maintain order, working from day to night and coming early in the morning.”I’m very happy to help the community. It’s all part of what we should do.”In order to mobilize more elderly people to participate in nucleic acid testing, Ye Rui Er, 62 years old this year, she tirelessly, door-to-door informed.In the community, many residents know Yelio, not only because she is a kind person, but also because of her special family.Over the years, Ye Rui ‘e took good care of her sick mother and mother-in-law, until the two old people died, she also took care of her sick husband, a person to shoulder the burden of the whole family.”When I was in trouble, the community helped me with my work and often cared and helped me. I should be grateful and give back to the community and society.”In the nucleic acid sampling site, you can always see Ye Rui ‘e busy figure, her hair with a few oblique flowers are particularly conspicuous, exuding warmth and beauty.