The way you’re angry, it shows your culture

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Author: Insight does not anger, not two.PASCAL once said, “Do not judge a man’s virtue by his special actions, but by his everyday actions.”In life, we often encounter all kinds of conflicts and friction, anger and gaffes are inevitable.As the saying goes, I do not know the meaning at ordinary times, but peeping into people’s hearts by anger.A person angry appearance, often hide his most real character and cultivation.01 As the old saying goes: haste loses, anger loses wisdom.Everyone is angry sometimes, but the more incompetent the person, the more love to lose temper.Last year, there were two airport videos that made a stark contrast.The plane was delayed and passengers had to spend the night at the airport amid chaotic scenes.In one of the videos, the boy, after learning of the delay, kept screaming at the airline worker Okong in public: “I have to fly, I have to fly.”A girl in another video is equally annoyed by the delay.But the difference is that she expresses her dissatisfaction and appeal to the staff of the airline in a reasonable and orderly way.She started by pointing out where the airlines had mishandled their handling of passengers by letting a voiceless employee inform them as they stepped off the plane.Then, she cited laws and regulations to appeal to all passengers: The air conditioning is off at the airport, it is very hot, need to provide accommodation;Due economic compensation;To help you change your visa for free;Arrange a replacement flight.When a person is angry, whether it is reasonable expression, or willful rant, reflects a person’s true upbringing.Uneducated people will only express their emotions by losing their temper, without considering the feelings of others.An educated person is not one who has no temper, but one who expresses his emotions in a proper way.It is recorded in The Analects of Confucius that Ai Gong of Lu once asked Confucius, “Which of your students can really inherit your learning?”Confucius replied that yan Hui was the only one, and the reason was: “If you do not complain, you will not fail.”The character of a person is not to see how knowledgeable he is, but to see his attitude towards people around him when he is angry, as well as the cultivation of his heart.Zeng guofan’s younger brother, Zeng Guohua, was talented but also the most irascible.Section frustrated, he was angry, scold the examiner no vision, do not understand their own articles;Blame wife is not fierce enough, did not inspire him to progress: “my wife is cowardly, no wei can be feared.”Frustrated in official circles, he blamed Zeng Guofan for not introducing him to work, in zeng Guofan’s house for three years in vain, went home in anger.After returning home, he wrote to Zeng Guofan to encourage him, saying that he was too ashamed to see his parents and that he would buy a piece of pork belly and cover his face before replying.There is a saying: no trouble, calm, a troubled people can not deep friendship.There is never a lack of gentle people in life, what is lacking is the people who can be humbled when frustrated.Writer @Shangyuan shared a story on his way.The manager of the company left and the boss wanted to promote a manager among the employees.Xiao Wang and Xiao Li are two employees of the company. They both have outstanding business abilities, but their personalities are quite different.Xiao Wang is pretty and elegant and seems to get along with everyone.Xiao Li is quiet, but when her colleagues are in trouble, she always offers her help.Once Xiao Wang made some mistakes in his work and was severely criticized by his boss.At noon, xiao Wang, who was full of anger, made difficulties for the interns.When the news reached the boss, Xiao Wang was immediately dropped in consideration for the position of manager.The impulse betrayed her character and cost her a promotion.Wang Anshi said in his Treatise on Rites and Music, “Those who do not take offense should seek help from themselves.”When you are angry, you should first look for the reason from yourself.It is also a kind of culture to learn to manage one’s anger well.In The Spring and Autumn annals of Lu Shi, the author summed up the methods of “eight views and six experiences”, one of which is anger to test its section.It means to provoke a person in order to observe their reaction and judge their character.Those who, in the face of anger, can restrain their emotions, and do not criticize, do not show their faces, are self-educated.I know a friend from the northeast who runs a rubber factory in Shenyang, supplying many out-of-town distributors.According to industry practice, customers will settle their payments before the Spring Festival at the latest.But at the end of the year, one of them refused to pay.There was no other way, so he had no choice but to demand payment.The client received him warmly, arranged his accommodation and took him to taste the local cuisine, but said nothing about payment.Friends feel that the other side in chuai understand to be confused, they did not hesitate to directly ask the matter of payment.As a result, the customer said that the payment for goods to be delayed, and a delay will be half a year.My friend almost turned against me.In order to calm down, he made an excuse to go to the bathroom.When he came back again, the customer prevarication said he did not have business for more than a month, the old man at home suddenly cerebral infarction, still lying awake.The friend was glad to resist anger just now, said to the customer: “When you are comfortable, then pay for goods.”After about half a year, he received the full payment from the customer.Since then, the two have worked together and become close personal friends.There is a line in “For sleepless Nights” that says, “Anger at every turn is a childish inability to control oneself.”He is more worthy of friendship than he who flutters and flutters at a word of disagreement.A good temper shines like a sunny day.A wise man never gets angry; a good man never complains.Great wisdom, both self-restraint and tolerance of compassion.Dot a “like”, not easily angry, angry temperate, keep the blessing.