Quanzhou: environmental monitoring “equipment” overdischarge can be self-certification exemption

2022-05-12 0 By

58 of quanzhou, quanzhou on February 18, the client (quanzhou evening news reporter Xie Xi) recently, the quanzhou city ecological environment bureau issued implementation scheme, units complete guide to fixed automatic monitoring of pollution sources, power utilization monitoring, video monitoring, condition monitoring parameters and other complementary means of environmental management of electronic information, promote enterprise data networking,And adopt differentiated supervision measures, to achieve nothing to the law-abiding, law-breaking sword hanging high.”According to relevant regulations, if the discharge exceeds the standard caused by abnormal working conditions or other circumstances, the punishment can be exempted.However, under the current conditions, once enterprises exceed the standard of pollution, they can only produce written book records, which is difficult to prove under what circumstances they exceed the standard, let alone provide effective evidence that can be exempted.”The staff of the comprehensive law enforcement detachment of municipal ecological and environmental protection introduced that the city focuses on urban sewage treatment, cement, and key volatile organic compounds enterprises, and encourages enterprises to install automatic monitoring facilities, and adopt scientific and technological means such as electricity monitoring, video monitoring, and working condition parameter control to improve their law-abiding ability.As incentives, quanzhou will pilot “anomalies” the water in the urban sewage treatment industry electronic report, urban sewage treatment plants upload real-time water automatic monitoring data effectively, and the abnormal water after the incident to take emergency measures to video, condition monitoring methods such as real-time sharing sector for the ecological environment, can be regarded as the report in a timely manner.The real-time working parameters and automatic monitoring data marks of pollution sources provided by cement enterprises can be used as the basis for judging the working conditions of cement kilns.Ecological and environmental departments may, in accordance with relevant regulations, exempt enterprises from meeting the standards for the discharge concentration of specific pollutants during abnormal periods by means of off-site law enforcement.