Pet turtle reunited with owner after 4 years missing

2022-05-12 0 By

A “naughty” tortoise has been reunited with its owner after a four-year absence.Georgina Rogerson, from Lancashire, lost her beloved pet tortoise Fred in 2018.The tortoise slipped under a garden fence and was never seen again.Georgina searched everywhere for Fred and handed out fliers, but she couldn’t find him.Georgina is very sad. She thinks Fred is dead.But the tortoise was actually picked up by Sara Elis, 34, on a road about a mile from her home.Sara adopted him and placed ads on Facebook every year to find his owner.Sara said: ‘There were a lot of cars dodging something and when I got there I saw a turtle crawling along the road and took it home.Sara continued: ‘On our anniversary I started looking for his owner on the Internet but there was very little news.Then one day Georgina sent me a message online with an old picture of Fred, and I returned him to her.”Georgina said: ‘I was crying, I couldn’t believe it, Fred was just the same, he was so naughty, it was great to see him again.I really can’t believe it’s coming back after all these years, it’s amazing!I’m grateful Sara kept looking for me.”Georgina continued: ‘We live ina cul-de-sac and he usually runs away from the front of the house.We would occasionally get a knock on the door, a child or a parent saying ‘your turtle got away’.But in the winter of 2018, we had a storm and the back fence blew down, and Fred snuck out right there.”Georgina and Sara are now good friends.Georgina said: ‘Now during the day when I’m home, I let Fred out, but if I’m not home, I lock him up. I can’t trust him anymore.’