Hunan Shuangpai County: “Five outstanding” to build a “clean hall” example

2022-05-12 0 By

Recently, walk into hunan Shuangpai county government affairs service hall, the first thing you see is the electronic display screen on the opposite side of the “clean hall” construction ten measures.In the hall of the rest area waiting for the masses of affairs after the number was called in order to do their respective business in each window.”Uncle, your real estate transfer card done, home on the way to pay attention to safety ah”!Over sixty years of uncle Zhang took over the real estate registration center card issuing window staff to his documents are very grateful said: “you work fast and warm, thank you!”…The whole hall was clear of wind.”Cheap” flavor is full, this is a double brand county construction “clean hall” a beautiful scenery.Since this year, the county according to the provincial and municipal deployment work, adhere to the “five outstanding”, actively promoting the construction of “clean” hall: county to develop the work plan, set up a commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee leadership coalesced into clean hall construction leading group, set county government affairs center office, work really someone catch someone tube, to ensure that work to obtain actual effect.The construction of “Clean Hall” is propagandised in the form of large screen projection, pamphlets and exhibition racks, so as to enhance the recognition and support of all sectors of society for the construction of “Clean Hall” and form a good atmosphere for the construction of “clean Hall”.We will continue to deepen the reform of “handling one thing at a time” and “centralized, centralized, and effective”, and promote the standardization, standardization, and facilitation of government services. We will further standardize the conduct of administrative review and approval, optimize service processes, standardize the compilation and disclosure of guidelines for handling affairs, and strictly implement the system of accountability for asking questions first, one-off notification, and acceptance of requests for information.We will vigorously promote convenient services such as help agency, online delay service and shortage tolerance service, and constantly improve service performance.County government affairs center to establish perfect the administrative service hall supervised the efficiencies and the assessment mechanism, through the report complaints telephone, set “do not forget to reflect” window and report box, good bad review methods such as construction, strengthen the supervision of hall style and specification of power operation, to promote construction of a clean fortress, to create a clean environment, from the source to eliminate “eat take card” “commonplace lazy dragging” problem.To carry out a series of activities to educate, speak, learn and praise integrity, and actively create an atmosphere of “remembering and knowing integrity” and “warning and promoting integrity”, and further strengthen the awareness of law-abiding and political integrity.County commission for Discipline inspection and supervision committee to give full play to the role of supervision and supervision, the “hall of integrity” construction work, the whole process of supervision and management, to ensure that the work is effective, found problems in time to urge rectification.At present, the county hall of government affairs on the hall operation of a comprehensive self-inspection, the county commission for discipline inspection of the two violations of the rectification implementation, processing in place.Next, double card style of county government affairs center joint county commission for discipline inspection office and other departments to carry out the “clean” hall construction for investigations, carry out post training and industry can play activities, “bad review” deepening the government affairs service and administrative efficiency “CARDS” applications, according to the construction of “clean” hall power dual economic development, create the first-class business environment,We will continue to enhance the sense of gain, responsibility and satisfaction of business people.(Feng Dongchun Huang Hao)