A child in Yinchuan used his grandfather’s mobile phone to buy game equipment and then deleted the bill after spending more than 6,000 yuan

2022-05-12 0 By

Recently, Yinchuan City Helan County Ligang town residents Mr. Wang to the Helan County Public Security Bureau Ligang police station alarm, said its wechat more than 6000 yuan disappeared, asked the police to help find.The police on duty immediately checked Wang’s mobile phone and checked his recent wechat consumption voucher, but found no abnormality.Later, the police asked Mr. Wang whether he had recently purchased or clicked unidentified network links. Mr. Wang said that his mobile phone was only used to make and receive calls, rarely surfing the Internet, logging in wechat was only for transferring money, and chatting was rare.In the face of Mr. Wang’s answer, 6000 yuan money disappeared, the police feel very suspicious, they continue to look at the mobile phone desktop, found a lot of online games downloaded in the mobile phone.When asked about the game, Mr. Wang said that his grandson often used his mobile phone to play games. The police quickly opened the mobile phone game and found that many game equipment and supplies were purchased on the game account.The police asked Mr. Wang to take his grandson to the police station. In the face of the police’s inquiry and the evidence in the game, Mr. Wang’s grandson admitted that he bought virtual products in the game and deleted all the vouchers and bills on wechat.After the police learned the specific situation, immediately contact the game customer service, and informed the game customer service transfer to buy game equipment is a minor, hope to be able to recover the funds, after the unremitting efforts of the police, finally help Mr. Wang recover more than 5000 yuan, timely recovery of economic losses.”I rely on work to earn the hard-earned money almost say didn’t didn’t, the police comrade help me recover, really too thank you!”Looking at the money returned to the bank card, Mr. Wang excitedly thanked the auxiliary police again and again.At the same time, the police criticized and educated Mr. Wang’s grandson, telling him to stay away from online games and devote more energy and time to study.Source: Ping an Helan