Kunming will see some new changes in 2022

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Recently, Panlong district and Wuhua District respectively released warm tips on the enrollment of first-grade primary school students in 2022 on the same day.According to the content, the first grade students enrolled in 2022 must be children of the right age born before August 31, 2016.In line with the operation of enrollment in Kunming in recent years, eligible children of school age with local household registration and children of school age with non-local household registration (children of migrant workers) must pre-register online in kunming compulsory education enrollment system in 2022.At present, the specific time of online pre-registration has not been released, the specific needs to wait for the notice of kunming Education and Sports Bureau, but the parents of children of the right age can start to prepare the corresponding information in advance, so as not to be unprepared.In terms of the judgment of local registered school-age children and non-local registered school-age children, the “warm tips” issued by Wuhua District gives the criteria for distinguishing:– School-age children with local household registration refer to school-age children whose household registration is registered in the nine main urban districts of Kunming, including Wuhua district, Panlong District, Xishan District, Guandu District, Chenggong District and Jinning District, as well as three state-level development zones, such as high-tech Zone, economic development Zone and vacation Zone.– Non-local school-age children, also known as children of migrants, refer to school-age children with household registration outside the nine main urban areas of Kunming, including school-age children with household registration in other suburban counties and districts under the jurisdiction of Kunming.That is to say, in accordance with the previous principle of “the same household” and “nearby enrollment”, the 9th District of Kunming city will make overall arrangements for schools with oversubscribed students and children of migrants.As the primary and secondary schools are mostly freshmen, we have made a corresponding flow chart according to the enrollment work of primary and secondary schools in Kunming in 2021 for parents’ reference. The details are as follows: The enrollment work process of primary and secondary schools in Kunming has no big changes compared with last year in terms of the overall scope of primary and secondary schools and online pre-registration.Therefore, according to the time of last year, the online pre-registration is expected to take place in early March. Parents who want to study can pay attention to the notices or announcements from the relevant channels of Kunming Education and Sports Bureau to avoid missing it.It is particularly important to emphasize that online pre-registration is a necessary prerequisite for the smooth admission of school-age children, which should be paid attention to by parents.(2) kunming young small pilot to disclose the information online to print in young litre related materials preparation, school-age children and their legal guardians of the original and copy of the book of registered permanent residence, vaccination certificate, three and a half inch color photo, and older children must provide the slow learning certificate, etc., wuhua and panlong requirements are basically the same.Different, is also the most core data, namely the school-age children or their legal guardian of the house property proof materials, such as local household registration legal guardians of school-age children in panlong district, according to individual condition, there are some materials need to be dealt with to the offline window (such as mortgage certificate, public rental agreement, no room, renting contract/certificate/unit, etc.).However, Wuhua District is different. In 2022, Kunming Real Estate Registration Center will carry out the pilot work of online query of real estate registration results in the recruitment of first-grade students in Wuhua District. The corresponding materials will be queried and printed online, without going to the offline query window.For example, has been registered to obtain the “certificate of real estate right” or “house ownership certificate”, only need to provide the “Kunming real estate registration results information inquiry form”;For families without houses, the “Kunming Real Estate Registration Result Information Inquiry Form” of school-age children and their legal guardians (parents) can be provided.The above mentioned “query table” will be online query and print, but the specific query method has not been announced yet.”Warm tips” said that it will be released after the enrollment time is confirmed.Did not deal with property right to register as to place purchase property, and involve other circumstances, still need to provide the relevant effective proof material such as purchase contract original and photocopy.To some extent, wuhua district this year young rise small submitted information online query and print attempt, is a new exploration.Of course, the difference between Wuhua district and Panlong district mentioned above is mainly aimed at local registered children of school age.In terms of school-age children with non-local household registration, panlong district and Wuhua District should provide the same information according to the requirements of children of migrants.Many people may be more concerned about the changes in the allocation of relevant public schools and what will happen to some private schools under the background of the “transition from private to public”.First, let’s talk about the scribing situation of public schools. According to the previous operation, the scribing scope will remain relatively stable. Even if there is adjustment, it is only local fine-tuning.Therefore, for the enrollment of 2022 demarcation range, in fact, 2021 demarcation has certain reference significance.Of course, some of these changes are already clear in 2021.For example, fengjiang Road campus of Mingtong Primary School in the north urban area, in the 2021 enrollment zoning notice, specially noted such information — “the distribution of educational resources in the area has changed, and the residents of Jiangdong Lijingyuan District will transition in the last year”.Mingtong Primary School Fengjiang Road Campus in 2021 demarcated enrollment scope notice also means that in the enrollment of primary and secondary schools in 2022, Mingtong Primary School Fengjiang Road Campus will no longer apply demarcated enrollment to the owners of Jiangdong Lijingyuan Community.According to the experience of previous years, the enrollment range of kunming public primary schools in the New Year is generally announced at a unified time after online pre-registration is completed.Therefore, the enrollment scale for 2022 kunming primary and junior high school students may not be released until the end of March.However, in recent years, public primary schools in the main urban areas of Kunming have implemented the policy of “enrollment is based on registered permanent residence and actual residence, with no examination, free of charge, and nearby or relatively nearby enrollment”. “Household consistency” is still the highest priority for school-age children.Therefore, for families with multiple suites in the main urban area of Kunming, it is necessary to enter the corresponding school to rely on the first level as far as possible, and the higher the priority, the better the security of reading.Of course, there will be a situation, for some degree “six years a rotation”, and clear requirements for a year to participate in the nearest property zoning, in line with the first level of the basis, may not be able to smoothly read.In addition, in view of the “people turn public” policy may produce the change, had better to the school or apanage education department to consult, the public school young rise small recruit students mainly by the education department is responsible for, run by the local people primary school is more independent recruit students, blindly to consult the developer of the building, not necessarily can get accurate reply.At present, kunming has some primary schools that are scheduled to be put into use in September this year, and developers have organized a survey of owners’ demand for education.If you buy the building with the school, belong to this year’s first enrollment of students, might as well focus on the latest trends of developers.Similarly, some houses have not been delivered, but the school of the building has normal enrollment of the owners, if there is a need to study, you can also consult the developer with the purchase contract to study the corresponding procedures, so as not to miss the time limit.In a word, it’s time for parents of school-age children to be busy again as the enrollment of 2022 primary and secondary school students begins.