I, uh, cherish precious time

2022-05-11 0 By

It is a pity that I have come to this understanding only in the last two years.And I’m glad I realized that now.After graduation in a few years, and everyone is the same, go to work, work overtime, often come home very late very late, and then tired to Ge You lie down.Lying on the phone, watching TV, in addition to occasionally go out to exercise, occasionally make an appointment with friends, the rest of the time is also spent at home.Now I think about it, I wasted a lot of time in vain. If I had realized at that time that I had to read books regularly and grow up more, maybe today would be a different scene.Now in addition to work, I practice the violin every day, learn English, recite words, exercise, cook, and try to read a book at night before going to bed, even if it is only 10 minutes.How do you manage your time?I previously shared my morning clock management time management time is fair for everyone, 24 hours, no more, no less.The key is how to use it.What do you think?Hope to pass by to see my sincere code word point a praise oh!I will continue to share a little insight in life or some of my own “methodology” for your reference, welcome to continue to pay attention to oh!If you want to grow more dry goods and listen to my story, welcome to follow my namesake public account.