Hangzhou Bay Information Port was awarded xiaoshan District outstanding key science and innovation Park

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, the planned evaluation results of 2021 key science and innovation Park in Xiaoshan District were announced. Hangzhou Bay Information Port is the only one in Xiaoshan District that has been awarded the excellent science and innovation Park, achieving the qualification evaluation, passing examination and excellent three-year triple jump.Since its opening in January 2014, Hangzhou Bay Information Port has always been centering on industry, focusing on the development of digital economy, life and health, integrated circuits and other leading industries, and building a pyramid-like project team of “headquarters leading projects + growth star enterprises + start-up quality enterprises”, laying a solid foundation for common prosperity industry.In terms of enterprise cultivation, 12 national, provincial and municipal entrepreneurship and innovation incubation platforms, including Microsoft Cloud, Ali Cloud, NetEase and Bay Area Incubator, have been introduced to realize resource exchange. In 2021, 27 national high-tech enterprises, 64 provincial small enterprises and 16 municipal Eagle plan enterprises will be identified.In terms of promoting technological innovation, it has built a bridge for university-enterprise cooperation, promoted the construction of several industry-university-research platforms such as geocore Gravity — INTEGRATED Circuit Joint Laboratory of XDIAN Hangzhou Research Institute, and promoted the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In 2021, 205 pieces of intellectual property were newly acquired by the enterprise, and 2 provincial key laboratories were added, accounting for 100% of the increase in Xiaoshan District.In the aspect of cultivating high-level talents, give play to the government park in talents cultivation, attraction, service guide, positive policy guarantee mechanism, to carry out the talent policy announcement, human resources, business training and other activities, so far, 2022 new led foster high level personnel 10 people, including 4 national talent, generate 3 people, provincial personnel 6 people,Among them, 4 were cultivated independently, realizing the breakthrough of zero national talent cultivation independently.(Zhou Ke feng Jiacheng) (Source: Website of Xiaoshan District Government of Hangzhou)