Call for Beijing Winter Olympics!Huai ‘an teachers pass the winter Olympics dream with a paintbrush

2022-05-11 0 By

The 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing opened on Feb 4 with an opening ceremony that amazed the world.An art teacher in Huaian recently created a unique gift for the Beijing Winter Olympics by creating six exquisite paintings themed around the Games in nearly a month.Huaian youth palace art teacher Fang Yi spare time created these paintings by fighting hard in the ice field athletes image from the page is full of passion and vitality Fang Yi tells a reporter, a month ago, the use of painting expertise for the games by oneself the idea of power, then, she watched a lot of ice and snow sports related sports event,He skillfully integrated the elements of the Winter Olympics into his paintings, and successively created these 6 paintings related to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I drew pictures of skiing, curling, ice hockey and other sports. I also drew pictures of winter Olympics volunteers to express our expectations for the champions and our wishes and expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Said Fang Yi, an art teacher.Teacher Fang Yi said that the Winter Olympics has given more people an opportunity to know and understand the Olympic spirit. During the winter vacation, she also led some children who are studying painting to pick up their brushes and integrate their wishes and expectations for the Winter Olympics into their works.Colorful and childlike, the Winter Olympic-themed paintings include cute winter Olympic mascots and vigorous Olympians. Children use their paintbrushes to convey their dreams of the Games.”We will use painting to show the unique charm of the Winter Olympics and sow a love of painting and sports in children’s hearts.”Said Fang Yi, an art teacher.Chen Zhichang, Secretary of huaian Municipal Committee of the CPC, shi Zhijun, acting Mayor of Huaian, delivered a New Year’s Speech on further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival (No. 2 of 2022) point by point