Winter Olympics venue | A big step for China’s alpine skiing

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It was the first time for China’s Kong Fanying and Ni Yueming to compete in the women’s super G.In the end, Ni Yueming finished the race in 1:22.59 and ranked 40th, while her teammate Kong Fanying finished the race in 1:23.51 and ranked 41st. Their small step is actually a big step in the history of Chinese alpine skiing.At the end of the race, Ni yueming pointed to the flag on her left arm, showing the joy of breaking through her own.It was the first time for Ni to complete the speed event in the history of the Winter Olympics, and the first time for China to complete the speed event in the Super women’s giant slalom in the Winter Olympics.Ni yueming said: “I felt very good, then to the dangerous area, I was a little afraid.Anyway, this is my first finish at this circuit.Kong Fanying and I had been training speed events almost every day in the preparation for the Winter Olympics, because speed events are not easy to win points.”China’s Ni Yueming finished the race smoothly.”As an alpine skier, I have to show my best every day,” Kong said on her micro blog.”I just feel that the skis in the speed event are longer, and I am not used to them,” she said.Because we have speed events later, so we will use this opportunity to adapt to the speed of the field, for the later speed of the preparation.”This is the first time for the Chinese alpine skiing team to participate in the alpine skiing speed event at the Winter Olympics.”You don’t qualify for speed events because you have to earn enough points, and for us to get that point and be here is great.”Kong Fanying said.After Kong and Ni, the women’s downhill, all-around and team events still await them in the speed category.Kongfan shadow say: “didn’t think too much, stem over!”For more, check out the Winter Olympics newsletter.Winter Olympics publication reporter and crown xin perturbation source: client games publication | reporter Kong Ning process editor: u060 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.