Three historical military novels in which the main characters use their military talents in troubled times to dominate from now on!

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To find a good book, book allows you to find more high quality content of the novel, from now on there will be no shortage of books, is that you choose high quality the good assistant of the novel, later it would be easier to find all kinds of popular novels, don’t miss the wonderful novel content, the recommended to help you, if I then remember attention, thumb up, recommend, recommend more wonderful content for you every day!Three historical military novels, in which the main characters use their military talents in troubled times to gain hegemony from then on!The first book: “Da Ming Wu Fu” author: special white introduction: three historical military novels, the protagonist in troubled times using military talent, from then on hegemony party!Zhao Jin ordinary life, did not expect to have a new beginning at the end of the Ming Dynasty he wanted to leave his name in history with the hands of spear, flat wanli Mountains, this is the Ming wufu.Into the pit guide: the people mentioned Liu Yong, at this time is the black tiger temple of wealth in the south of the city, standing in a corner of the back room, Cheng Tongtou is in the house and several leaders to negotiate, the original Liu Yong is not qualified to come, but today specially called him over.Liu yong is very measured. He stands quietly by and just listens.He can notice cheng copperhead face is not good, can also notice Chen Ergou’s position than in the past, the situation is changing really fast, what happened yesterday, Liu Yong will not forget, of course.Shortly after returning from the east of the city the night before, Cheng Tongtou sent his men to arrest him, but without beating or scolding him, he was put in a room and confined.Yesterday at noon, Cheng Tongtou sent someone to put Liu Yong out, noon also specially found a restaurant to eat a meal, with wine and meat is very rich, to today, also let him participate in the leaders of the discussion.The reason Liu Yong can also guess, he killed yunshan temple people, Cheng Tongtou must hand over their own, he south of the city a river’s lake leader, in front of the yunshan temple this big tuhao is a miscellaneous.The reason why Liu Yong was released can guess about, Chen Ergou said privately and he said the reason, Wang Youshan will come forward, the night before the battle as a good Samaritan, so that Cheng Tongtou naturally do not have to pay to the Cloud Temple, but also to see in zhao Jin’s face, polite to him, please him to eat the wine and meat is tantamount to an apology.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Jizhi The World” author: Cuslaa Introduction: Jizhi prime minister, jizhi in power.Auxiliary king, under an Li ordinary, ministers to avoid the road, the ceremony absolutely 100 liao, is the prime minister.To be a prime minister, to be in power, to make state policies and to sign imperial edicts.Because of an air disaster, he Fang one thousand years.Guide to entering the pit: “Although young, Wang Jun general has traveled a lot in Kansai and knows a lot about the geography of different places!His martial arts are superior, and his skill of lianzhu archery is unique.”Han Gang patted Wang Shun Chen on the shoulder and introduced him to Wang Hou. A few words made Wang Shun Chen grateful.Three people in the house more listen to the more entrant, at this time few people can put the Yellow River flooding from the root place said so clearly.On a whim, Han Gang swept away the sundries on the table, dipped his fingers into the wine, and began to point and draw on the bare table.First a stroke out a tail drag on the ‘several’ font.Han Gang pointed and said, “This is the Yellow River!”What’s really useful to travel through a thousand years?Is the understanding of jiangshan geography!At least for han Gang now, that’s true.An atlas worth only ten yuan after a thousand years, before a thousand years, let alone a thousand gold, ten thousand gold can be exchanged.It was a mapping project involving millions of people and a variety of advanced instruments, and it was no mean feat.Han Gang’s history was not good and he was ignorant of the details of future history, but he had a very good understanding of geography.With his eloquence, even if the understanding of place names had been distorted for thousands of years, it was easy and effortless to outsmart wang Hou.Wang Hou admired Han Gang even more because of the word “a few”.Do not look at a large number of geoscience books, and carefully deduce the geography of rivers and mountains, this world how many know the flow of rivers and Yellow rivers?(click on the below free reading) third: “datang new order” author: about Chinese rice pudding: hebei is composed of a declining, suspected through Paul machine is about to establish the kingdom of wrought iron, rogue monk gold bow ready to resume the koguryo, controversial large junwei 瑎 also in the final of luxury sitting on the bohai sea, the civic ruffian Zhu Quanzhong became the dominant ZhuFan.Pit guide: on both sides of the hall sat dozens of civilian generals, especially in the majority of the generals, Li Cheng in a go, dozens of pairs of eyes together looked over, Li Cheng in the burning eyes of the steady forward, the corner of the light swept again, see Zhou Zhiyu in the first row of left generals, is pointing at his slightly nod.Wu Generals also saw high line week and Li Chengyue, both of them smiled at him.Li Cheng in the heart a wide, came to the front of the hall, blunt is liu Rengong on the ceremony: “humble Li Cheng, have seen the big handsome!”And turn around to the side of the need in the officer bow: “the humble post has seen the supervision of the army!”Liu rengong nodded and ordered a seat to be given. A security guard moved a stool from the hall and pushed himself to the back row on the left side. Li Chengzhong went and sat down.When he sat down, Liu rengong motioned to his right: “Humble, read.”The first civilian on the right stood up, and it was Judge Liu Zhiwen.Liu Zhiwen unfolded the text and read aloud.”…Dazhong times, hu is rampant, guile you cheat, don’t worry about wang, silly silly soldier, aggressors at home and abroad, caused by violation and different mi Liao things……”Li Cheng zhong set up his ears to listen, he and Feng Tao to deal with also have a big half year, read a lot of documents and classics, the acceptance of ancient prose is also high many, at the moment listen to a probably, or guess or meng understand some liu Zhiwen read the meaning of documents, to the end, finally heard the key place: reset camp state!(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation, remember to follow, recommend and like it, and there will be more wonderful content waiting for you in the future!Past highlights: These three great books, selected by long-time fans, will help you solve your book shortage.Three invincible flow cool text, after the protagonist becomes strong all the way to crush, absolutely cool to explode more see more addictive let you stay up late crazy brush the fairy novel, once can see addiction, solve the book shortage of the best choice!