Early spring wild fishing weather details, can catch fish, but there are differences in the choice of fishing point

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In recent days, I have received questions about the weather related to early spring wild fishing. In fact, for most of you, the weather has a big impact on the catch, but you have no choice.Because you’re probably working on a good day, you’re going to go fishing no matter what the weather is like on the weekend, and you can catch fish in all kinds of weather in early spring, just in different spots, and the catch varies depending on the weather.That means you can go fishing every day from early spring to mid-spring and catch fish every day, but you have to be flexible about where to fish depending on the weather.The following elder brother macromitrium according to their own experience to share the early spring wild fishing in different weather fishing position choice, as for bait and nesting material before a few content in detail, the principle is: wine rice hit nesting red worms or earthworms can be caught, if you must rub bait, please use strong fishy bait.This weather is the most ideal weather for fishing in early spring. Fish are more active, but most of them will go to some shoals, sunny grass flats and two ridges on both sides of the old river.But it also depends on the temperature, if it is still hovering around zero or deep water, because even out of the sun, the shallow beach temperature is lower than deep water.If the temperature is 5-10 degrees, then the priority is to choose about 2 meters of shallow water (that is, shallow water and shallow water, especially not good).If it is yan Tang, you had better choose to have grass inside the grass hole, large plants next to water, if conditions are best in the middle of the water to get a bright water out, performance is particularly good!The reservoir chooses the sunny erdaokan, sunny Dawan and sunny water grass area. If the temperature is more than ten degrees Celsius, then even the water of 80CM performs better during the day.It is worth paying attention to: no matter what the weather is like during the day, at night, fishing should be at least 1-2 meters deep, unless the daylight hours are sufficient and the temperature reaches 15-20 degrees Celsius, because this temperature range is the spawning range of large carp and carp, they come back to the shallow beach at night to spawn.The weather in early spring is pretty much the same: they’ll still retreat into deeper water, but they’ll be more active than in winter. You’ll be in the nest after an hour or two, and they’ll start nesting faster than in winter.Do not go fishing in a water depth of less than two meters on a cold or cloudy day. Generally speaking, 3-5 meters in the reservoir is the most suitable water depth in early spring weather.It is worth noting that it is not easy to catch fish in the grass area on a cold or cloudy day in early spring, unless the water hyacinth is more than 2 meters deep below the place, the general bottom grass pavement, shore grass extension in this weather performance is not good (guangdong and Guangdong areas is to find this kind of place, other places are not obvious).In addition, you can find two to three meters deep water erdaokan, old river, fish will not go far on cloudy days, need to prepare for the upcoming breeding, old river is a preparation area, no matter what the weather is worth trying.Early spring cloudy wild fishing fishing deep in early spring weather skills as long as you remember, the faster the temperature the more looking for shallow water, the higher the temperature the more shallow, can catch can find profound place in the process of cooling, cooling the next day, or on the third day to catch at least three meters above, the day of temperature increasing fishing shallow, looking for more than two hurdles old river or aquatic plants.If you can’t remember any of the above points, here’s a better trick: Make a half-kilogram hole in each of the places mentioned above, hang a red worm or earthworm every hour, and try fishing wherever the fish come out.This is also the traditional fishing method, but not so frequently to move, where the big carp has been fishing where on the line.Because of the early spring fish pile, you in a place to catch a nest is nine times out of ten, the premise is that you walk the fish skill is excellent not alarmed nest.There is a key point is: if you go fishing in groups, then you’d better use red worms, no matter what, you should also use earthworms, even with thick fishy bait it is very difficult to catch others, unless you have a nest to catch, you should know that the same nest red worms and earthworms performance are very different: red worms catch better than earthworms!Night fishing depth combined with the place I am demoiselle elder brother, I hope you wild fishing explosion protection!