Du Zhaoyu: died in the Israeli bombing of the Chinese soldiers, the Indian desperate to recover the body!

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The United Nations flag flying at half-mast is a special way to pay tribute to people who are important leaders of certain countries or have made outstanding contributions to the international community.So far, the United Nations has lowered the flag at half-mast for the death of six Chinese people, the first five are the great men in history, Chairman MAO, Premier Zhou, Zhu De, Soong Ching Ling, Deng Xiaoping, and the sixth person is du Zhaoyu, a peacekeeper.Du Zhaoyu was born in Jinan, Shandong province in 1972. He was a carefree child, not only with excellent academic performance, but also with good conduct.In shandong province, which has always respected soldiers, Du zhaoyu set his ambition at an early age to become a soldier when he grew up.In 1990, Du took the national college entrance exam. His score could have been enough for one university, but he chose the Institute of International Relations of the People’s Liberation Army.Known as the cradle of China’s military diplomats, the school has trained a large number of military diplomacy and foreign language professionals. Du zhaoyu’s determination to apply for the school is also to realize his dream of being a soldier.At school, Du continued to perform well, and he also wanted to join the Party. After becoming a party member, Du had a deeper understanding of the dual mission of soldiers and party members.After graduating with a master’s degree, Du served successively as staff officer of the Ministry of National Defence, PRC and secretary to the Military attache of the Chinese Embassy in India.At that time, Although Du Zhaoyu was in his early 30s and had served in the army for only more than ten years, he had a wealth of military and diplomatic knowledge beyond ordinary people’s experience.In December 2005, Du was assigned to a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, serving as a United Nations military observer in Lebanon.Du Zhaoyu took the family’s reluctance and wishes to set foot on the journey, but did not expect this was the family’s final reunion moment.Du zhaoyu was working in the most dangerous part of the israel-Lebanon border, where the conflict between Israel and Lebanon is most intense.The jewish state of Israel is at loggerheads with the Muslim Arab states, adding to the chaos in an already conflict-ridden Middle East.When Israel invaded Lebanon in the 1970s, the United Nations rushed in, but The American-backed Israel did not buy it. It invaded Lebanon many times with such arrogance that it treated Lebanon like its own back garden.The occupation lasted for 18 years, until 2000, when Israel withdrew from Lebanon, a humiliation that intensified Lebanon’s hatred of Israel.In January 2006, the Palestinians elected Hamas, an Islamist movement whose aim is, among other things, to wipe Israel off the map, by force.When Hamas came to power, the United States and Israel imposed a blockade on the Palestinian territories, which caused deep resentment among Arab countries.The israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out, but Israel’s superior military force soon gained the upper hand.Hizbullah immediately threw its support behind Hamas and launched its first attack on Israel.Since the outbreak of war between Lebanon and Israel, peacekeeping forces have played a very important role in the chaotic Middle East.Although the peacekeepers come from different countries, they are completely neutral and do not take the initiative to participate in armed confrontations, so the countries concerned have an obligation to ensure the safety of the peacekeepers.Despite this, the battlefield merciless knife and gun, peacekeepers are always in danger, it is not too much to put your head on your belt, Du Zhaoyu was sent to xia Mu outpost as a military observer.The mission of military observers is a little different from that of ordinary peacekeepers. Their main job is to observe, monitor, communicate, gather information, write reports, etc. They are not allowed to carry weapons and are simply more like civilian jobs.Du had performed well in Lebanon, and maj. Gen. Leon Leary, then chief of staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), praised Du many times for his excellence and praised his Shyam post as the best post in the mission area.After the outbreak of the conflict between Lebanon and Israel, the new hatred added to the old hatred, the conflict quickly escalated, the security situation deteriorated, in the border of the two countries in the Shyam post is always under the threat of artillery fire, for security considerations, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization decided to withdraw part of the post officers.On July 17, the guard at Du zhaoyu’s Shyam post changed, and two of the five men could be laid off.In such dangerous circumstances, a replacement meant safety, and Du zhaoyu could have had the hard-won opportunity, but he refused, offering to stay at the post while a sick female observer and an older observer withdrew first.The situation was already so bad that Israel and Lebanon were at loggerheads, firing provocations at each other, and only one step away from actual war.Peacekeepers are nominally not allowed to be attacked, but if a fight does break out, no rules apply.Every year, peacekeeping soldiers die, so it is also a high-risk job, du zhaoyu knows this, but when danger could come at any time, he still gave up hope to others.On the night of July 25 local time, An Israeli attack on du’s UN observation post flattened it with shells.When the smoke cleared, Mr. Du was seen slumped at his job in the bunker, his blue beret, a symbol of peace, stained with blood and soaked in the Chinese flag on his camouflage uniform, along with unfinished work reports and his broken glasses.Du zhaoyu and military observers from three other countries were killed in the attack, which continued after the tragedy.Moving is, in order not to let the sacrifice of soldiers bones, rescue soldiers from India risked their lives to snatch down the bodies of Du Zhaoyu and others.Du Zhaoyu was only 34 years old when he died. His son was less than two years old, but he did not know what death was, but lost his father forever.After the incident, both my country and the United Nations issued statements expressing shock and sorrow over the incident and strongly condemning Israel’s actions.The United Nations for Du Zhaoyu and other four peacekeeping soldiers to fly the flag at half-mast to show condolences, Our country to Du Zhaoyu martyr memorial merit.Du was posthumously awarded the Hammarskjold Medal by the United Nations in 2007 for his contributions to international peace and security.The name of Du Zhaoyu, a Chinese soldier, will forever be engraved on the monument of safeguarding peace.He not only exemplifies the responsibility of Chinese soldiers, but also inspires others to continue to carry out peacekeeping missions and safeguard world peace.