Top 8 Data analysis models for 2022

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At the end of the paper, we get the “Data Analysis Primer package” (SQL+Python+ Statistical mind mapping). Do you often have to do all kinds of analysis in your work, but often encounter the situation of being unable to start, unable to grasp the key points, and confused about the key data?As the saying goes, “To do a good job, you must sharpen your tools.”A good data analysis model can provide us with a perspective and thinking framework, so as to help us clarify the analysis logic and improve the accuracy of analysis.Today, we specially sorted out eight commonly used data analysis models to help you quickly improve your data analysis ability.AARRR Model AARRR model is also called the Pirate model, this model to achieve user growth broken down into five indicators: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, spread.”How do users find us?””, “How was the user’s first experience?”And” Will users come back?”And” How to make more money?”And” Do users refer and tell others?”These five questions.When we are doing user growth, we can ask ourselves the corresponding questions through the index data and find the links with low conversion to optimize.Only by finding the right channels, pushing the right products to the right users at the right time, can accurate user growth be achieved.02 Conversion funnel Model The conversion funnel model is mainly used to analyze the conversion and loss in the whole business process through conversion rate.Through the transformation of data, the loss of users in each link and then precise marketing.For example, a mobile phone company launched advertisements on Douyin and Xiaohongshu at the same time, and found that the final purchase of Xiaohongshu was relatively low through the conversion funnel. At this time, it found the starting point to solve the problem, which can be optimized to improve the conversion of Xiaohongshu channel.RFM model is also a practical customer analysis method, mainly through R (the latest consumption time), F (the consumption frequency in the latest period of time) and M (the consumption amount in the latest period of time) three key indicators to observe and classify customers, so as to obtain the value of each user segment.Do different marketing actions according to different user values.This model plays a great role in precision marketing and cost saving.04 Boston matrix Boston matrix mainly through sales growth (reflect market indicators of gravity) and market share (indicators) that reflect the strength of the enterprise two indicators to four quadrant to the company’s products are classified, it is concluded that each product of The Times and the characteristics of easy to determine the company’s overall product layout, reasonable investment.05 Shopping Basket Analysis Shopping basket analysis is the study of consumer spending data, the correlation of different products, and the relationship between the two.Take the classic case of “beer and diapers” in marketing as an example. In the statistics, the supermarket found that most male customers who buy diapers also buy beer, so it placed a variety of beers beside the diaper shopping rack.Sure enough, sales of both increased significantly.Thus, shopping basket analysis can find some overlooked connections to help with product mix and increase sales.06KANO model The KANO model is somewhat similar to the Boston matrix in that it uses four quadrants.However, the former is mainly used to classify and sort user needs. According to the influence of user needs on user satisfaction, the non-linear relationship between product performance and user satisfaction is obtained, and its priority is “essential > expectation > excitement > no difference”.For example, the business proposed 8 functions, which one should be done first?At this point, KANO model can be used to let business personnel fill in the satisfaction questionnaire, and finally summarize the statistical results to obtain the necessary type, which is the pain point function for priority satisfaction.07ABC Analysis The core idea of ABC analysis is that a few projects contribute most of the value.Through the statistics of the transaction to achieve the goal of the contribution degree, classification queue, distinguish the key and general, so as to determine the management mode differently.For example, the sales of men’s accessories, sportswear, children’s clothing and women’s shoes account for 70% of the total sales, which are category A goods and can be expanded and focused on the subsequent operation.08 DuPont Analysis DuPont analysis is a commonly used model for financial analysis. It mainly measures the business performance of an enterprise from the three aspects of profitability, operation ability and debt paying ability through the decomposition of ROE.In addition, it can also be combined with the industry in which the company is located and its profit model to help investors understand what the core competitiveness of a company is.END Love data today benefits “Data analysis primer package” :SQL learning path Mind map +1Python basics Mind map +1 Statistics basics Mind map +1SQL learning path Mind map part content Python basics mind map Part content Statistics basics Mind map Overview of industry trends early to know the work knowledge every day there is a click on the picture to watch live