Snow lantern lantern, intoxicating Chinese red

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Snow to play lantern lights, booming Chinese tree honeysuckle intoxicate yuanxiao near colorful not rhyme why frequency looking back to past winter flowers often will open atmosphere spring grass garden north wind hate the mighty dongfeng early heart ooze tax YuanHua such as kam today as countries accumulate without pause a keep to spring, the Lantern Festival to a climax, let the New Year festival atmosphere, started to get strong again.The first month is the beginning of spring in a year.For people in the north, the Spring Festival includes the whole of the first lunar month.August 15 clouds cover the moon, the fifteenth day of the snow lights, ruixue zhao good harvest, white snow, warm and unrestrained, for the Lantern Festival, added a festival and peace, but also to the New Year brought a good omen.Night comes, fire tree silver flower, the city does not sleep, the country does not sleep.Bright red lanterns shining on the white snow, for the thick snow with a touch of carmine, streamer overflow color, all is the New Year’s dense, festive atmosphere.The north wind blows, snowflake flies, in the neon light overflow color, as butterfly wears a flower, as if it is the fairy dance, or the tang poem in that sentence “snow is too late spring, so wear court tree to make flying flowers” with this time most appropriate scene.Spring breeze in the willow branches condensed, spring grass in the spring snow under the moist germination, ice crystal clear, as the beginner’s heart as clear.A year’s plan in the spring, a year’s plan early arrangement, as a tax worker, facing the fire tree silver flower, the heart is associated with the tax business, since there is a good omen, so, through our countless tax people’s efforts, will be fruitful, the pulse of the country is smooth, the cause is developed.