Let’s meet at beautiful Fairy Bay

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Fairy Bay Scenic spot is located on the north shore of Qinghai Lake. It is an important wetland in Qinghai Lake and home to swans. It is characterized by rich biodiversity and positioned as “a place to infect people”.With its dazzling plateau meadow wetland and colorful Tibetan cultural customs, it has become a tourist attraction integrating plateau wetland ecological experience and sea culture.Every autumn and winter, flocks of whooper swans roost here.Wetland is the home of the richest biodiversity on earth and is closely related to the survival and reproduction of human beings, known as the “kidney” of the earth.It has the reputation of “cradle of life”, “gene bank of species” and “paradise of birds”.Qinghai Lake wetland, as one of the world’s seven major wetlands, was listed in the “Handbook of Wetlands of International Importance” by the United Nations in 1992, and joined the “Convention of Waterfowl Habitat of International Wetlands of International Importance”, which will improve the qinghai Lake wetland protection, scientific research and other international visibility and research value.It is 37 meters high, the highest of all Tibetan areas in China.Mongolian is called “Er Bao”, Tibetan is called “laze” is the meaning of praying for peace.It is made up of the heads of gods cattle and sheep that died of natural causes, so it is called “three sacrifices”.According to relevant historical documents, in 1652, the fifth Dalai Lama, Rosang Gyatso, passed by this place on his way back to Tibet after he was sent to Beijing. He saw horses, cattle and sheep here as fat as well as lush water and grass, so he set up a raze here to bless the prosperity of people and animals on the grassland.He was 37 years old at that time, so he stood at the height of 37, an auspicious number.”Laze” is generally on the top of the mountain, is the symbol and symbol of the local mountain god, is the place of natural worship of primitive religion in Tibetan areas.Each place generally has its own laze, which is buried with the cypress wood plate that lamas write Sanskrit incantations in xinhong, auspicious eight treasures, food, medicine, etc., and inserted with hada, wool, red cloth and other wooden poles, called vajra pestle.The sea the sea, the sea here has a long history and mysterious religious culture, qinghai lake has been regarded as a fairy sea in history, past dynasties has “the sea” religious and political activity, as early as the tang dynasty tianbao years, li was given for the west sea “wide embellish the male”, north movable and seal of the first year of qingli periods for “tong SAN wide embellish”, starting from April each year,Local monks and religious people will come here to simmer mulberry worship, “mulberry” is the Tibetan language, meaning purification, tibetans believe that the holy lake living creatures are most afraid of the lake is polluted, the cleaning of the lake is particularly particular, so tibetans to “simmer mulberry” this way to purify the lake.”Heat”, the most taboo is away to the lake to clean dirt and spring to gravel soil, simmer the ritual activities, in the minds of all religious believers is very sacred, not only is the worship of gods and ShenHu, more important is to use burn cypress leaf, azalea, the grain of aromatic plants such as smoke, to purify your mind,Bless yourself, your family and friends and make your heart’s desire come true.See the most beautiful sunset, flower sea fairy bay