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Wang Yudong, secretary of the County Committee of the Communist Party of China, listened to the report of the Party Congress held by Secretary Tian, feeling very excited and encouraged, and deeply educated and inspired.I think this report has a clear theme, highlights, clear thinking and effective measures. It is in line with the reality of Dezhou and the will of the general public. It is of great and far-reaching significance for pooling the wisdom and strength of the people of Dezhou and striving to create a new era of prosperity, vitality, happiness and beauty, socialist modernization and a strong city.Through careful study, I feel that the report has three obvious characteristics: first, full of confidence.Report summarizes achievement seeking truth from facts, to the political construction, the old and the new kinetic energy transformation, rural revitalization strategy, deepen reform, improve people’s livelihood, the cadre team construction achievements of seven aspects, such as is done with detailed figures and the facts, fully showed the development result of Texas for the past five years, shows the party led the city’s people’s solidarity, work diligently, crucial to break the hard,It is inspiring to see that we have won a series of tough battles, overcome a series of difficulties and gained the initiative in development.The second is to look far ahead.Open prosperous vitality beautiful happy new era around city new situation to the general requirements of socialist modernization, put forward the “four paths” “five goeth before” “genesis” seven city, divided into 15 plates, listed 48 specific measures to promote the key work, a series of measures to grasp the good time, dig deeper, research, finely seized the key and the right key,Fully reflects the municipal party committee steering steering vision;Third, to the point.We should not only recognize our achievements but also face up to our shortcomings and give full play to our weaknesses as well.We should take the “four paths” as the path and give full play to our comparative advantages.For 13 key work targets, clear measures, a series of measures to promote accurate, in-depth, detailed research, grasp the key, to the point of the new era to promote high-quality economic development of the advanced concept, fully reflects the determination and confidence of the Municipal Party Committee to accelerate the rise of progress.What Secretary Tian has said is exactly what the grassroots wants and what the masses hope for. It will certainly further stimulate the enthusiasm of officers at all levels to start their own businesses and form a powerful force to promote economic and social development.This is a very good report, which I fully endorse and strongly support.The plain has been mentioned many times in the report of the Party Congress, which has given us a clearer direction for the development of the plain.In the course of developing and strengthening the city with advanced manufacturing and building a modern industrial system, the report to the Party Congress clearly stated that:To build an important fulcrum of “Beijing-Jinan” biomedical corridor, promote “Pingwuxia” to develop advantageous industrial clusters together, implement the cultivation of “No.1 Industry” in provincial-level development zones, and form a new overall development pattern of “one axis leading, two belts linked, group development, multi-point support”.With regard to the table and the report to the Party Congress, we will take the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products as a core option, and do everything possible to increase total production, increase production, and improve quality.”China (Texas) agricultural and food Innovation Industrial Park” in the report of the Party Congress is a high-frequency project, this project with a total investment of 50 billion yuan, landing in Pingyuan County, planning to cover an area of 10,000 acres (starting area of 3,000 acres), this year the full start of construction.We will promote the early start of the project with the strength of the whole county, and take the project as an opportunity to build a whole industrial chain system from the field to the tip of the bite, from the land to the dining table. We will firmly carry the “three flags”, strive to be the “pilot zone”, and strive to be the first to make breakthroughs in building a model of rural revitalization in Qilu.Pingyuan county and the city’s situation, through the unremitting efforts of all previous county cadres and the masses, the development into the best period of history.Especially in the past year, the whole county united as one, work together, the “14th five” strong start.The foundation is being consolidated.Major economic indicators such as REGIONAL GDP, general public budget revenue and fixed asset investment have maintained steady growth, and it has been commended by the Provincial Party Committee and government as an advanced collective in the construction of comprehensive Pilot Zone for the transformation of old and new driving forces.County tax revenue of 50 million yuan reached 7 enterprises, an increase of 3.One entrepreneur was selected as provincial outstanding entrepreneur, and four entrepreneurs were selected as municipal outstanding entrepreneur, the number of which ranked the top in the whole city.Kinetic energy is increasing.Xinyi Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Shendong Fermentation Equipment and other 16 projects are listed as provincial key projects, the number of projects and investment scale are in the forefront of the city.The establishment of the China (Dezhou) Agricultural and Food Innovation Industrial Park, a state-level project with an investment of 50 billion yuan, will inject strong impetus into the rural revitalization of the whole county and even the whole city.Spending on people’s livelihood accounted for 83.36%, 3.16 percentage points higher than the whole city.The civilized and standardized parking action of “forward, ready to start” and the urban fine management concept of “everyone participating, all sharing” are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.Organizing the selection of development and people’s livelihood “double ten events”, fully demonstrated the county’s high-quality development achievements.Mechanism oneself builds depth to advance, enter good condition gradually, plain good cadre brand starts initially.These are the development of the plains the greatest underpinning.The report to the Party Congress has drawn up a grand blueprint and identified 13 key tasks.New place on the way, the plain will be in accordance with the municipal party committee “the three above” before the race walking in general requirements, with high quality development as the theme, to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy is converted to the main line, with the deepening of reform and opening up, to strengthen the authority for building their own security, snap industry, rural revitalization, environment, city, the people’s livelihood, the cadre six characteristic brand, play nine big battle,Full bow strength hair overall speed up, a year out of the road of two years, run out of acceleration, to ensure that the beginning of the year has “opening”.Plant regional economic development advantages, plain development zone two pioneering battle.Facing the rising sun, eastward development.On February 16, Pingyuan County held the development zone “second entrepreneurship” mobilization meeting, started the plain “nine key” first battle.At present, the development of the plain development zone is seriously restricted by such problems as backward infrastructure, inadequate system, insufficient innovation, low efficiency and insufficient power.We decided to launch the second entrepreneurship project of the development zone.In accordance with the general objectives of “laying the foundation in one year, supporting the framework in two years, reforming the landscape in three years and building a new city in five years”, the DEVELOPMENT Zone will be basically built into a leading zone for new industrialization, a demonstration zone for a high-level business environment, a cluster zone for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and a pioneer zone for open economy and institutional innovation in three to five years.The first battle is the decisive battle, according to the requirements of the Municipal Party committee, I serve as the first secretary of the Development zone.At the same time, establish development zone “second venture” headquarters, county magistrate of the commander, and I fully energized to development zone empowerment, policy, funds, manpower and other resources to the development zone of agglomeration, for promoting the construction of development zone of the county, the implementation of “one axis and six area” seven big project construction, to realize double double quote, project construction, system mechanism three aspects breakthrough.Build modern industrial system, plain good industry cultivation battle.The Party congress made clear to plain as the main body, to create food city demonstration belt.Industry is the foundation of high-quality development and the pillar of modern economic system.Pingyuan will focus on the construction of “3+3” modern industrial system, focus on industry and big industry, and vigorously promote the “three years doubling” plan of advanced manufacturing county.Strive to achieve “zero breakthrough” in enterprises with revenue of more than 5 billion yuan, and more than 8 enterprises with tax revenue of more than 50 million yuan.Strive to add more than 15 industrial enterprises on the regulation, the new cultivation of provincial or above single champion, “specialized special new”, gazelle enterprises more than 8.We will fully support the listing of Fuyang Bio and create a historical precedent for local enterprises to go public.We will build highland and plain areas for scientific and technological innovation in the region.Professional investment promotion is the main way, supplemented by other ways.Make concerted efforts to attract investment.County-level leaders should ensure that each person is introduced into a project worth more than 100 million yuan per year.Focus on enlarging and strengthening the “3+3” industrial system, actively introduce leading enterprises and chain enterprises, do a good job in building chain, reinforcing chain and strengthening chain, and strive to introduce a project and drive one industry.We will promote agricultural and rural modernization and ensure rural revitalization on the plain.To build a brand of plain rural revitalization, we dare to carry the “three flags” and strive to be the “pilot zone”.The banner of “food security” should be firmly upheld.This year is the opening battle of the “ton and half grain” production capacity building, we must win the first battle.Carry the banner of “strong agricultural county”.We will carry out “double recruitment and double introduction” in agriculture, speed up the construction of key agricultural industry projects such as military grain and food Industrial Park and Sismart Food Industrial Park, do our best to apply for national agricultural industrial park, and strive to become a strong modern agricultural county at the provincial level.China (Dezhou) agricultural and food Innovation Industrial Park as a county project, as an important starting point to build a famous food city.Working class should adhere to the construction, investment, both to build a nest, but also to attract phoenix.Shouldering the banner of “urban-rural integration”.Seize the policy opportunity of “Double Towns and 100 villages”, quickly launch the planning and design of rural revitalization units across the region, and polish the beautiful business cards of small towns on the plain.We will fully implement the “Grace City breakthrough” strategy, and promote the construction of characteristic towns in Deyuan Street, Taoyuan Street and Qiancao Town model towns.We will unleash strong drivers of high-quality development, and ensure that the environment for development in the plains is well fought.The business environment is all about productivity, competitiveness and innovation.We need to strengthen the three concepts and polish the golden banner of the “former Manchuria office” business environment.We will speed up the shift from “you come here” to “I come here” in government services.Let all the people who invest in the plain do things based on the environment, not on connections;Falling projects, relying on the system, not relying on human favor, so that respect for business, pro-business, love business, business in the plain of the prevailing.Let green become the most beautiful background of development, plain urban renewal battle.We will continue to build people’s cities.We will combine the construction of the seven networks with urban renewal, and accomplish several major tasks that will benefit the people and boost morale.People’s cities should be run by the people.To deepen the “forward, ready to start” standard parking as the starting point, coordinated to promote the renewal of trees, street lights, roads, colors, plaques and other urban elements, continue to improve the appearance of the city.We will promote common prosperity and ensure people’s wellbeing on the plain.We will put the people first in our work and promote common prosperity through high-quality development.This year, we will keep spending on improving people’s wellbeing at over 80 percent.We will speed up the construction of resettlement buildings in urban areas, improve the service capacity of traditional Chinese medicine, give priority to the development of education, and make every effort to ensure employment. We will implement ledger management for 10 practical projects benefiting the people in the Plain this year, and fulfill our commitments with concrete actions.Taking the opportunity of striving for the comprehensive reform pilot area of social assistance in the whole province, we will improve the social assistance system and create a brand of reform of people’s livelihood in the plain with the characteristics of The Times.We will give full play to the organizing and leading power of primary-level Party organizations, actively promote the “Good People in Pingyuan” new style public welfare fund, and build up the Party’s image in the hearts of the people.We will build a higher level of Safe Dezhou and fight a critical battle for safe development on the Plain.All responsibilities must be fulfilled to ensure epidemic prevention and control, workplace safety, environmental protection, social stability, financial risks, online public opinion, and farmland protection, so as to create a stable, peaceful, and happy social environment.The report of the Municipal Party Congress regards the construction of political ecology as “the first project” and places it in the primary position of the report measures.We will take self-improvement as a starting point, enhance the professional ability of officials, and cultivate a clean and upright political environment.We will continue to work on our own development.Self-improvement is a basic project in which great oaks grow from little acorns. This year, we need to make progress and develop our own features.We will strictly and faithfully carry out a series of activities such as “business lecture hall”, “problem inspection”, “work survey”, “environment renovation”, “leading cadres on the platform”, “business backbone with teachers and students”, “professional competition” and so on.Implement “On strengthening the” strict, true, Fine, solid and Fast “style construction to build” five type “organs and cadres several measures”, explore “five type” management, create “five type” organs, forge a number of “capable”, “aggressive” “strong”.In order to coordinate the resources of all parties and concentrate on big things, the county party Committee and the county government set up six working headquarters and six special classes of key work. Each headquarters was appointed commander by me and the county head, and the relevant county-level leaders were appointed deputy commander, and a deputy commander concurrently served as director of the office.Six headquarters shall practise a system of “11710”, namely, an inventory of a parameter, a day, a summary on Monday, January 1 inventory, a year a zero, priorities and establishing county “in the” ministry of supervision, on the key matter, the key person, du task, du progress already, and check understanding, responsibility, attitude, ensure that day is that until tomorrow, the day is about.Happiness comes from hard work and development comes from hard work.We will study and implement the spirit of the City’s Party Congress as the primary political task at present and for a period of time to come, with responsibility to interpret the original aspiration, with solid work to fulfill the mission, seize the day, live up to the time, to accelerate the building of a strong modern socialist city in the new era.Texas journal produced by the new media reporters | jian-xin dong correspondent | publicizes great XinKai edit | | hong-yan gao audit xiao-hang zhang final | Zhu Daijun