Evaluation of Feile Major Pro electric toothbrush: Multi-mode, multi-protection

2022-05-09 0 By

As an after 90 s, as a child had a toothache, caries after a series of problems, now pay more attention to dental health, especially to the friends, more hope they will also be able to protect their teeth, as well as an old saying goes “, doing will benefit its “, a worry electric toothbrush can be said to be very important.Of course, there are so many electric toothbrushes on the market now, it is not easy to choose a toothbrush suitable for myself. I planted this Feile Major Pro electric toothbrush on Zhihu, and I also share my own experience with you.I have to say that the packaging has been done a lot. I bought the pink one, which is just right, not vulgar but not light, and there is a slight diamond cut, which makes the toothbrush look more advanced and more suitable for girls.And the toothbrush has a good grip and is not easy to fall out of your hand.Because of my poor dental health and severe periodontitis, I choose Major Pro when choosing the model. This toothbrush can adapt to the dynamic changes of oral cavity in all scenarios, covering 95% healthy people, periodontitis, tooth sensitivity, pregnant women and so on.Not only that, it has more functions than ordinary models.Vibration strength is 2-7, ordinary model only 3-5, so there are more cleaning modes to choose from, there are 5 different gears and 3 different strength, combined with 15 modes, you can choose different cleaning modes and strength according to your own tooth state.The internal magnetic levitation motor with customized metal structure can make the vibration frequency more durable and stable, which can greatly reduce the damage to teeth and greatly improve the cleaning force compared to other “violent brushing” electric toothbrush.And equipped with verified vibration frequency technology, to the teeth to a double protection.Dupont gingival bristles are adopted, and the high-rounder bristles can protect the gums more effectively. Besides, Feile Major Pro electric toothbrush has changed our misunderstanding in the past. In fact, it is not the more bristles, the stronger cleaning power.Fei Le Major Pro electric toothbrush carefully adopts about 2000 bristles to create a comfortable crescent shape, and strictly tests the gap between bristles to achieve better cleaning strength.Share the joy, of course, Major Pro electric toothbrush with a total of three different brush head to choose from, carrying the gum separation technology to protect the gum brush head, embedded Japan toughness enhanced cleaning brush head, ten thousand 65 micron ultra soft brush head, can brush a head of choose and buy according to their different needs, in general the gum separation technology to protect the gum brush head can meet the cleaning needs of most people.Besides, the cleaning mode is carefully subdivided, including tooth cleaning mode, health mode, gargle mode, sensitive mode, gingival protection mode, especially the gargle mode. Compared with other brands of toothbrushes, the function is more abundant and the effect is better.And the Fei Le Major Pro electric toothbrush itself is IPX7 deep waterproof, even if it falls into the water sink, there is no need to worry.At the same time, Fei Le Major Pro electric toothbrush also gave a travel case, toothbrush holder, which is very thoughtful.Toothbrushes are consumables, and electric toothbrushes cannot escape this problem. Before, I bought an electric toothbrush for my brother, only equipped with two toothbrush heads. After one year of use, both toothbrush heads need to be scrapped, but there is no matching toothbrush head in the market, so it is very troublesome to use it later.However, what surprises me about Feile Major Pro electric toothbrush is that it is equipped with 4 toothbrush heads. However, feile brand also promises to give 4 toothbrush heads for free every year for five years. There is no need to worry about buying more toothbrush heads, which is also very sustainable.Have to say, in the same price range completely suspended other brands, and good service attitude, good after-sales do.I also recommend this Feile Major Pro electric toothbrush to my friends and family, and HOPE that more people will find and use this Treasure electric toothbrush.