CBA leaderboards!Four teams lock the playoffs, Guangdong in trouble, Liaoning welcome good news, Beikong hit

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CBA in the second stage, compared with the first stage, due to the large number of foreign aid, the league has become more intense, between strong and weak strength changes a lot, but also some injuries, liaoning still has topped, guangdong is in trouble, a big black horse guangzhou team black, while with the sunrise team embarrassed 25 in a row,To create the league’s longest losing streak, we might as well talk about the following, the current situation of the leaderboard.1-25-3 -, although our pg, zhang town, Han Dejun injured, the team is still very competitive, high depth of the squad this season, look to the CBA to beat, can discharge the set of the starting line-up, xiao-xu li veteran remains robust, such as Wu Changze young players such as huge progress, even the rookie YuZeChen, geoff chengdu dare to dare to spell,Foreign aid Ferg, Morande also have their own advantages, such as the third stage of the lineup, Liaoning team is still one of the strongest team, in addition, the next stage will be held in Shenyang, liaoning team is equivalent to the home battle, is undoubtedly a great boon.Shanghai team Shanghai 23-5, 2 consecutive victory over the last few games, guangdong and other teams this season a hindrance, from last season’s playoffs edge team, become a championship big popular, core zhelin wang huge progress, more mature, on both ends with feng lai of twin towers, power back talent, although Guo Haowen for injury, still has more defenders available,Under the guidance of Li Chunjiang, it is expected to make further progress.3 guangsha guangsha (22), huge progress this season, three little Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Zhao Yanhao for peak, large foreign aid jarrod Jones ability outstanding, emeka okafor will join the third stage, post strength, Zhu Junlong, Zhao Jiaren has obvious progress, rookie license defense is very positive, although some recent ups and downs, win is still hot.4 Chinese zhejiang (22), the season are core before confidence, wu Wang Yibo, way cool aspect, such as young players progress seen, big foreign aid deportivo savage arrives, reinforcing the inside, although young Yu Jiahao injured, team inside is still strong, but in the showdown between Chinese lose a game, three points outside stability is not enough,If you want to go further, you need to maintain stability.20-8, 5 guangdong guangdong has dropped out of the first echelon, disabled full camp this season, core Zhao Rui has injured, Zhang Haojia, hao also suffered a serious injury, the existing staff Du Runwang, Hu Mingxuan and Jeff are main body combat wounded, aging serious, Vince, Ren Junfei, weems, yi jianlian age slants big, physical fitness,The good news is that Yi Jianlian is getting better and better. Zhao Rui is in urgent need of the third stage. In addition, Tang Jie is expected to get a chance.6 shenzhen team shenzhen, team won 19 games and state of shenzhen team this season, the record was high on the top two, the second phase with Shen Zijie injury, the team has had a huge impact, record continues to decline, with Shen Zijie comeback, the shenzhen team back on track, with rising steadily, beat zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other top teams, has become a championship contender,The twin towers formed with Sulinger are very powerful, and the outside line booker and Hershinin are also very capable. The veteran is in full bloom, and the coach Chubiao has proven his coaching ability, which is expected to achieve good results this season.Guangzhou team guangzhou team 7-10, 18 impressive, since Guo Shiqiang guidance to join, seared into the playoffs again last season, before jumping into eight this season, the team happen qualitative leap, core Chen Yingjun has grown into the CBA’s top point guards, attack organization may, a record level data for many times, is the MVP this season hot,Zhu Mingzhen has improved greatly, the offense is very consistent, the foreign aid leaf is coming into good shape, Mason is very good, this season is not only the goal of the playoffs.8 Beijing Beijing 17 wins and 11 losses, the second stage for Jeremy, Gibson, brown three foreign aid, but with no significant improvements, Jeremy state has ups and downs, has been adjusted, Gibson scoring ability outstanding, defense function is limited, brown ability, no doubt, but not into the locker room system, compared with teammates cooperate between rusty,The third phase of the fourth foreign aid Hamilton is about to join, the team also need to continue to run in.17 wins and 11 losses, 9 shanxi shanxi shanxi as the guangzhou team at the start of the season is union big dark horse, reinfeldt’s ability was very outstanding, players original handsome, GeZhaoBao, zhang ning has a certain strength, but with the deepening of the league, faded black colour, record all the way down, another foreign aid simmons state is not stable, scoring ability is insufficient,It’s a big drag on the team.10 shandong team shandong team 15-13, compared to last season dropped significantly, the team suffered injuries, inside the short rear admiral, JiaoHaiLong has injured, Ding Yanyu navigation and in return, the team aging serious, Hudson, radley walter, TaoHanLin, Li Jingyu, Gu Cheng etc, are all over 30 years old, high rock state has ups and downs,It’s going to be hard to get anything this season.BeiKong BeiKong teams from 11-14 of 14, although in the playoffs, but the situation is not optimistic, the team have suffered a blow, the first core sail out, play nova liao ning three facial fractures, basic expenses last season, is a fatal blow to BeiKong team, three liao ning has been BeiKong backcourt engine, this season is expected to be competitive best young player,Small foreign aid Landzberg is not in good shape, the backcourt faced with no available situation, Marbury stockpiled a large number of inside, lack of guard series, inside will be useless, is expected to fall out of the playoff ranks.Jilin 14-14, before the playoff with Xinjiang team, the jilin team won a key victory, to maintain the 12th place, Jones condition picked up, Jiang Yuxing, Jiang Weize gradually find the feeling, in the playoff battle has been leading half a body, this season is expected to continue into the playoffs.The statistics: the team with the playoffs only, liaoning, Shanghai, guangsha, Chinese four teams have lock in the playoffs, 13th – 20 team xinjiang, tianjin team, sichuan team, team Qingdao, runner-up bayi narrowly, jiangsu, ningbo team, with the sunrise of xinjiang, tianjin team, sichuan team will have stormed to the jilin team, especially in xinjiang,Strength and Jilin team is very close, the third stage ranking is expected to regenerate changes.Do you think Guangdong can reach the final four in the third stage?