After buying secondhand room, how does jing hear the house ever produce major accident to do?

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Q: After buying a second-hand house, what should I do if a major accident ever happened in the house?You can rest assured that Qingdao Homelink promises: if the second-hand houses traded through Qingdao Homelink intermediary have suicide or homicide incidents in the non-ontology structure, and Homelink fails to fulfill the information disclosure obligation, Homelink will compensate the buyers, up to the original price of the buyback.Service Tip # Original Price # refers to the purchase price of the transaction house by the customer of this transaction, that is, the transaction price of the house specified in the relevant agreement of the transaction of the house, excluding taxes, interest and other costs.”Unnatural death” refers to the death caused by suicide or homicide before the contract is signed.What happens in the structure of the body of the house, that is, the death of the person, happens within the area specified in the property right certificate of the house, excluding the auxiliary facilities such as elevators, stairwells and parking Spaces.If Lianjia has fulfilled the obligation of informing the client of the previous event information of the house, Lianjia will not undertake compensation;The house sold price is lower than the market price more, widowhood, need to pay special attention to home buyers.Case: net signed after the death of the owner, has paid the deposit full compensation!In April 2021, Shanghai Lianjia handled a compensation case.At that time, the customer and the owner have been signed online, the customer paid 300,000 deposit, the result is close to the transfer, the owner died at home.Therefore, the client refused to continue to buy the house, and the relatives who inherited the property of the owner could not contact, and the 300,000 deposit paid by the client could not be recovered.As a national brand, Lianjia resolutely paid 300,000 yuan in advance for the customer, and helped the customer to terminate the contract through litigation.Strictly speaking, the owner of the house in this order died of a natural illness, not an abnormal death before signing the contract, which was not within the scope of Lianjia’s promise, but Lianjia resolutely helped the customer bear the loss of the deposit, truly realizing the quality service.Thank you for your watch.