Winter Olympics propaganda film released, Zhu Yilong surprise mirror, after the work plan touched the audience

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As time goes by, the much-anticipated Spring Festival Gala has come to an end, and a number of outstanding stars have become the focus of the audience’s heated discussion. Some of them have excellent acting skills, such as TFBOYS Yi Yangqianxi, the leading actor in “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” and “Miracle And Stupid Children”.And TFBOYS leaders Wang Junkai, Zhao Liying and Zhu Yilong, co-stars of happy Days.In his debut years, Zhu has honed his acting skills and made a name for himself by playing the classic role of Shen Wei.Later Zhu Yilong showed strong ratings, box office appeal, starring he “reset”, “traitor” and “peak detonation” works all flow, word of mouth double harvest, harvest at the same time, hard up Zhu Yilong won the recognition of CCTV, for years in a row he invited onto the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival gala, am in “the small steamed bun” watch the Spring Festival gala,2022 will be no exception.Looking back on the perfect ending of the Year of the Tiger, Happy Hour became zhu Yilong’s latest Spring Festival Gala after the creative basketball shows “Jump Young”, “Hello 2020” and “Tomorrow Will Be Better”. The finale of Zhu Yilong’s Spring Festival Gala once again won the audience’s recognition.On February 1, a promotional video for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games was released, and Zhu Yilong, as the “singer”, was surprised to appear in the video, causing hot discussion.The 11-minute video features hundreds of celebrities, including Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Huang Xiaoming, Huang Bo, and zhu Yilong.Film channel official bo bluntly: Spring Festival, “together to the future” music video shelves!With the 2022 Winter Olympic Games approaching, 105 groups of singers and 5 special guests will present a musical tribute. Let’s face the future together, welcome a new beginning and bless the Winter Olympic Games!Turn over the comment area, sing “heaven and earth white piece of existence” Zhu Yilong became the leading role, won the most of the first six hot comments by Zhu Yilong, Yang Zi, Zhang Jie iron contracting, which support Zhu Yilong’s small steamed bun won the first four hot comments, hot comments wrote: and Zhu Yilong look forward to the Winter Olympics, together to the future!There are hot comments blunt: with Zhu Yilong cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympics!Dream, brave struggle, create a better future!Across the screen, the little steak can feel everyone’s enthusiasm for Zhu and the Winter Olympics.The story continues, the Spring Festival holiday is about half, as the entertainment industry recognized “model workers”, busy Zhu Yilong will give themselves a holiday?He responded on the show: “I’m going to take a short break and come back to the show because it’s not finished yet!”Zhu Yilong’s work plan after the year moved the audience, even if the popularity remains high, Zhu Yilong still did not idle, he spent his time to shape the new film “Gone With her” male lead He Fei, want to bring more surprises to everyone, look at the topic square, suspense film “Gone with her” high voice is also reasonable.A good actor should use his work to speak for himself, and Zhu yilong has done this. In addition to the unfinished “Gone With Her”, another new film starring Zhu Yilong has been set for release, which is expected to hit cinemas on April 2.After many years again “electric shock”, Zhu Yilong starred in the “peak explosion”, “through the winter embrace you” has won the box office champion, “disappeared her” and “life events” what kind of good results will be achieved?We bear witness together.