Warm!She specially chose the day to send a pennant

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On January 31 at 5:00 PM xu Tongyuan district Of Ms. Hu came to haiyan County Public Security Bureau Tongyuan police station personally handed over a banner to the instructor Wang Xingang kept saying “Thank you so much!Thank you very much!Thank you very much!”The original,24 January 11 ms hui’s father alone walk from home to the town of tong yuan buying necessities immodesty were lost on the way, was the family a happy New Year’s holiday reunion day but Ms. Hu family a little more still see the old man home until afternoon out in a rash immediately came to tong yuan auxiliary police on duty police station for help people in understanding of basic situation immediately after the video searchNow the old man had been to Tongyuan Square and dongjiao Road of the district at about 12 o ‘clock. He walked from south to north and back to south along the Jiannan Line.Is obviously lost immediately send rangers appeared along the old man finally place in line for half an hour later all the way players in FengYi village found a bridge to the north of a shape similar to Ms. Hu’s father after the old man asked to find objects ms hu old man hu said his father years ago memory loss caused by the operation and don’t go out so this timeLost father and two auxiliary police left the police station to ms ho people bother to say thank you once again to thank Ms. Hu specially created a banner chose this special day to thank and New Year’s eve to the Spring Festival is still in the position of the people respect the auxiliary police thank you lovely you your understanding and recognition is one of the largest power we hold the author: Tian Fang beauty The king entertainment static editor:Tian Fangmei first instance: Jiang First instance: Wu Fangshu third instance: Chen Yiping