Marcelino: knocked out Real Madrid and Barcelona in a row and meant a walk out of the Copa del Rey final

2022-05-08 0 By

Athletic Bilbao coach Marcelino attended the press conference with Real Madrid after the elimination of real Madrid and Barcelona, now what is the feeling?We are happy, proud, proud of the efforts of my players and our fans.It was not easy to knock out Barcelona and Real Madrid, but there is still a long way to the final and two semi-finals to go.Having eliminated Real Madrid and Barcelona and not guaranteed a place in the final, it will be easy.But for now, we need to enjoy and rest. It’s been a special and magical night, thanks to everyone.We played in their half for 90 minutes and it was an incredible experience to be in front of our home fans, it was a moment for all of us, the fans, the coaching staff, it was a moment for all of us.How did Athletic Bilbao manage to keep real under constant pressure, close down and never see fatigue?We had Real in their own half of the game and I can’t remember them getting the ball out of us once in the first half. Our midfield was a wall and they had no chances.We closed real Madrid down very closely and very often and played their players very close to each other, which was important.We had a lot of chances to get into the box but maybe we weren’t as efficient as we should have been.We made a team like Real Madrid completely disjointed and I think we did a fantastic job.To be able to dominate the game against Real Madrid was a fantastic achievement and I think we deserved the win.What did you say to the players after a night like this?It’s very simple. Thank you. I thank each of them for the amazing work they did tonight to make this happen.As a coach, against these boys, I can only thank them as a coach for the results they have achieved in these games.Athletic Bilbao did not play beautifully, but it was practical and played with great intensity:I think the so-called beautiful, this is relatively more, need to see talent, but I think the so-called talent, is the foundation, and athletic bilbao have talent, but we also have a team effort and pay, tie-in team sacrifice and pay at the same time, each person’s input and unity, we formed a capable team, let the opponent is very difficult to solve.We made Real Madrid very uncomfortable, were able to dominate in possession, we were able to give the ball away with clever passing when they were closing down, and we were able to disrupt them very quickly when they had the ball.Real Madrid had a lot of players at the back, but we still put 50 per cent of our chances into the penalty area.