LPL lights toxic?Residual frost was wiped gullies, xiaoyu was illuminated like a traffic light

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, the league of Legends LPL event is in full swing, I believe everyone is very concerned about it!However, in addition to paying attention to the event itself, many netizens were also attracted by the female hosts on site, such as Yu Shuang.As one of the most popular female hosts in the current hosting world, this “auntie” is tall and has an extraordinary temperament, which makes many people succumb to her charm.Just on the evening of February 17, Yu Shuang also hosted the event. After the event, yu Shuang also published the photo of hosting Reuters as usual.Among them, we can see that the gullies on The chest of Yu Shuang were smoothed out by the LPL lighting, but we can still see these gullies if we are backlit.Not to mention yu Shuang’s body is very interesting, but LPL’s lighting is toxic.Also suffered to LPL light poisoning and small yu, this is also one of the LPL female host, in a period of time before small Yu changed a more bright-coloured makeup, originally looked nothing, a lot of netizens feel very good.But under the LPL lights, Xiao Yu’s bright makeup has gone up a notch, making many viewers frown!Many netizens said xiao Yu was not suitable for such heavy make-up.In fact, other people are not particularly suitable for this kind of heavy make-up, we all know that Xiao Yu is a young beautiful beautiful girl, especially suitable for that kind of youth campus style.If xiao Yu’s makeup is softer this time, the audience will also like it.Also, we know that rookie and rookie are a couple. The love between them adds a lot of points to the attraction of rookie. Many people just like them so much that they start to fan rookie.There are even a lot of viewers who hope that xiao Yu and rookie can get married!But that’s all for later, the intensity of LPL matches is getting higher and higher, even the BLG side will send Uzi to the field, I believe the following matches will be more exciting.