In 2016, the SOUTHERN THEATER Command deployed “Five Tiger Generals” to guard the South China Sea. What about now?

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On February 1, 2016, a major readjust of the PLA military area Command officially divided the organization of the original seven THEATER commands into five theater commands, namely the Eastern Theater Command, the Southern Theater Command, the Western theater Command, the northern theater Command and the Central Theater Command, which are responsible for safeguarding China’s territory and sovereignty in an all-round way, corresponding to different geographical regions and strategic directions.Among them, the southern theater Command, which is responsible for the largest area and a more complex environment, needs to undertake more defense tasks. Therefore, the CMC dispatched five generals to the southern theater Command to be responsible for the management and construction of the theater. Who are the “five Tiger generals” in the southern theater Command?What are they doing now?If you are interested in this topic, please “long press the like button for 2 seconds” to give a strong like.And “pay attention”, come often in the future, do not get lost.(southern war zone some training base) headquarters set up in guangzhou, southern war zone is led by hunan, guizhou, guangdong, yunnan, guangxi and hainan provinces in the armed forces, in addition to the vast land area and the six provinces of jiangsu, including 470 square kilometers of the south China sea is defended, and also include the pearl river delta such as the important strategic economic area.This is why the South China Sea Fleet under the Southern Theater Command is the most powerful of China’s three major fleets and the only one with a Marine brigade.Southern war zone is very important strategic significance, since the founding of new China, after pressure from the southern frontiers basically stopped, in the countries of the forces of the old and new junction, we face the southeast Asian countries, in addition to the west of the outsiders have also been harassed the sovereignty of the south China sea area, and defense in the southern ocean war zone is responsible for the work of top priority.As the southern theater command faced more foreign forces and needed to cope with emergencies on the sea, land and air at any time, the central government specially equipped the southern theater command with “Five Tiger generals”, who were Liu Xiaowu, Chang Dingqiu, Wang Jiacheng, Chen Zhaohai and Shen Jinlong.What kind of track record do they have?So what happens now?Born in 1960, Lieutenant General Liu Xiaowu is from a family of Chinese soldiers. His father, Liu Kai, was also a lieutenant general of the People’s Republic of China. He took part in the revolution early and is a revolutionary and strategist of the older generation.Lieutenant General Liu xiaowu graduated from The Computer science department of Manhattan University and the Command department of The National Defense University. He is a modern military commander with double master’s degrees.General Liu is particularly adept at modern information warfare, having served as a lecturer at the National Defense University and at the Guangzhou Military Region Command.In 2004, Liu Xiaowu took the lead in researching the most important battle command system in modern information warfare, which greatly promoted the development of China’s modern military science and technology.Liu Xiaowu since December 1976 recruits will always struggle in the people’s liberation army troops the forefront, as the growth of the qualifications gradually occupies an important position in the army, and in 2014 was named guangzhou military chief of staff, being transferred to the southern war zone as army commander of 2016, and in the same year promotion in rank, 2017 was transferred to the deputy commander of the western theater.Former deputy commander of the southern war zone, the air force commander Chang Ding Chang Ding o was born in hunan hengyang in 1967, in 1984 the army air force, air force aerobatic pilots, JiuSan parade when he received the national review, fighter plane flies over the tiananmen square to see the Chinese to a new generation of Chinese fighter planes and pilots.In 2003, Gen. Chang went to Russia to study at a military academy. After returning to Russia, he took an important position in the Air Force and was officially promoted to the rank of general in September last year.At the age of 49, General Chang dingqiu became the youngest deputy tC-level commander in the PLA. He was appointed deputy commander of the Southern THEATER Command in 2016.In 2018, he became the youngest lieutenant general in the military and the youngest general in the Military at the age of 54.As a matter of fact, General Chang Dingqiu’s life was far from smooth as we see. He made countless efforts and sweat for the modernization of military construction and development throughout his entire military career.In November 2006, general Chang Dingqiu was ordered to lead his wingman to a designated area to intercept the “enemy” in a multi-service exercise held in an area in eastern China.With visibility as low as 2 kilometers, General Chang overcame the dangers of long-range attack and low-altitude cruise flight, led his team to fly across the coastline to designated airspace, blocked four attacks without detailed information, and set a number of records in unfamiliar conditions and environments.In addition to a number of breakthroughs in the field of flight and superb flight combat technology, General Chang Dingqiu is also a comprehensive commander with multi-field military capabilities.As early as 1992, in order to facilitate the air linkage and military command, General Chang Dingqiu specialized in learning programming skills, and even several comrades together to establish and specialized for the air Force military training “flying eagle net”.In addition, General Chang Is an excellent expert in flight psychology.In order to strengthen the construction of the pilot’s heart, also in order to improve the comprehensive capability of the pilot, Chang Ding for general combining flight psychology and practical courses, and created a special research pilot psychological warfare group, whether it’s in our pilot psychological construction or on the enemy pilots analysis, has a considerable drive and influence.Born in 1952 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, General Wang Jiacheng joined the PLA in The Nanjing Military Area Command in 1969.At that time, The army of Wang Jiacheng general was the trump card of liu Deng’s army. This team also had Wang Jinshan, Xiao Yongyin, You Taizhong and other well-known generals.(Wang Jiaocheng admiral) general Wang Jiaocheng army after the hard training, slow and steady step by step, from grassroots soldiers into a regional commander, it’s worth noting that in 2016, before he became a theater commander in southern Wang Jiaocheng is at the bottom of shenyang military region commander, in his military career, more than 50 years of the cause of China’s people’s liberation army (PLA) has just made immortal contribution.In the first half of his life, General Wang Jiacheng devoted himself to training and preparing for war, in order to improve the combat ability of his troops and strengthen his personal military literacy, starting from improving the combat ability of individual soldiers to improve the overall combat effectiveness of the army.In order to achieve this goal, while working hard and training soldiers, General Wang Jiacheng did not forget to analyze and improve tactical command ability, which greatly promoted our army’s ability to control the overall situation in the combat and training state. Under the efforts of General Wang, the soldiers lived up to expectations.He led a large number of sharpshooters and other areas of combat strength emerged in the army.General Wang Jiacheng has been working hard in the army for decades and has never stopped on the road of promoting the normalization of modern military affairs.In the second half of his military career, General Wang jiacheng devoted himself to regional garrison duties.From 2001, he successively served as deputy chief of staff of the Nanjing Military Region, deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region, Commander of the Shenyang Military Region, and Commander of the Southern Theater Command. He retired from the frontline operations in 2017.General Chen Zhaohai was born in 1954. He is also a senior soldier in the PLA. After joining the ARMY, he has been developing in the army and has held important positions in the army with his own efforts.At the same time, he was one of the first 42 military commanders sent by China to Russia for further study in 1996.In 2003, General Chen Zhaohai assumed the posts of The Military Training Department and vice Minister of the Arms Department of the General Staff. Since 2013, General Chen Zhaohai has been in charge of the management of regional forces in local areas. He successively served as the deputy commander of The Jinan Military Area Command and the deputy Commander of the Guangzhou Military Area Command, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in 2014.It is worth mentioning that general Chen Zhaohai xu Jin promoted the balanced development between modern military informatization and military training when he served as the head of the Military Training Department of the General Staff in 2011.After the adjustment of the military region in 2016, General Chen Zhaohai was transferred to the Southern Battle Area as deputy commander and chief of staff and other important positions.General Shen Jinlong was born in Nanhui, Shanghai in October 1956 and has been serving in the Navy since joining the army.He has served as the captain of the destroyer Squadron 10 and also served as the president of the Naval Command College, with rich theoretical training and practical combat experience.The general who came out of the academy has made rapid progress since 2014, which is not easy for General Shen Jinlong who grew up from the grassroots army step by step.But even if his start was not particularly high, General Shen jinlong’s achievements were impressive.In 2014, he led a team to participate in the Global Exercise, a large-scale global exercise to show China’s national strength and enhance its prestige.During the period when General Shen Jinlong took office as commander of the South China Sea Fleet in December 2014, the situation in the South China Sea became turbulent one after another, especially when it came to the important islands and reefs in the South China Sea.As fighting in the forefront of the commander, general jin-long shen has greatly promoted the Chinese naval patrols in the south island and reef normalization, also has repeatedly during the monitoring to the west and naval fleet near China’s territorial waters, even in 2016 had captured a U.S. unmanned coupled device, all these grades and general jin-long shen and efforts of the south China sea fleet is inseparable.During this particularly vicious period of competition, the Chinese army, represented by the fleet led by General Shen Jinlong, was neither humble nor supercilious in dealing with issues and defended the national dignity and sovereignty integrity.It was during this period that General Shen Jinlong, who was in the front line, accumulated rich experience in dealing with maritime crises, which also laid an important foundation for serving in the Southern theater Command.In 2019, General Shen Jinlong was promoted to the rank of general and retired from the front-line command post.The five generals who once served in the Southern Theater Command are all the top local commanders in China and the heroes of China’s military development. They are worthy of the modern “five Tiger generals”.