Happy New Year on Tuesday

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On Tuesday, they called him “the goods” in the village, why do you say he is “the goods”, on Tuesday along the forty-two years old that year, annual lunar calendar with his wife and two sons, to give the child’s uncle aunt happy New Year, in accordance with the contract, in the child’s two uncle home for dinner, wine lead three cruise, mixed vegetables, a few men to play CARDS, playing CARDS at the beginning, run fast, playing for a while,Several people agree on something to stimulate, playing CARDS into playing mahjong, play mahjong too slow, directly to push pai gow, arranges the dealer on Tuesday, even push three games, down three games, lost more than one thousand yuan, arguably, gamble lose win, win or lose, is also belonging to the meat lousy in the pan, big New Year, the figure is lively, but, on Tuesday along a little “two”,He thought it was his son’s three uncles, ganged up on him, kept spewing the word “dirty” and using particularly uncivilized language.The sons of the uncles, who were standing by, could not bear the sight of their uncle Tuesun turning from red to blue, from green to black, and uttering profanity. The young man, full of blood, turned to Tuesun and said:”Uncle can’t afford to lose can don’t bet, big New Year’s, don’t swear at home”, if any, on Tuesday will stop immediately, arranges two takes on Tuesday, cursed his wife’s maiden nephews, scold scold in the mouth is not outspoken, the death of my father-in-law all scold, christi, on Tuesday, the brother-in-law of punched along the mouth on Tuesday, shun teeth bleeding immediately on Tuesday,Tuesday’s big jiu shun son and my uncle and indiana, said Tuesday, where you can scold the nephew, called the death of two old man, your heart is to give the Wolf ate, since Tuesday, which the two old man’s son-in-law, the old man was alive, every issue on Tuesday to pay New Year call, the old man to three sons, early three daughter-in-law say “hello”, which don’t go to this day,To house to have a meal with the family, the old man is going to give the son of his father-in-law mother-in-law happy New Year, the old man cautioned son daughter-in-law, will come back to, because on Tuesday in small without a father, personality is a little bit, so the family down his, for more than ten years, during the Spring Festival in 2016, this is YiShun Tuesday along the father-in-law mother-in-law ran eighty years old, the body is not very good, son-in-law greetings,Old man or his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, and all the house in the countryside, please to have a meal, the old man’s son have bought a house in the city, crowded people, hut hut harmony, warm, a laughter, after dinner, the old man for three son hand over to treat, after children greetings, if they are dead, the New Year in order, wheel at home for dinner,Don’t let children worship the years without food, go home with an empty stomach, a few years ago, happened in the village, son-in-law to father-in-law mother-in-law happy New Year, twist the gifts, to take their children, give approached several of the child’s uncle aunt happy New Year, each greeting, for a moment, about one o ‘clock, my father-in-law home, my father-in-law think big Chinese New Year, thanks to the son home, catch up with to have a meal,Sat down to eat a meal, there is no meals, do son-in-law nephew son-in-law mother-in-law home with the children, to see two old man already had lunch, embarrassed openings ask the old man to cook, hungry to go home, later, the old man knew, scolded his son, daughter-in-law, his son daughter-in-law and blame two old people are not clear, count on each other, just delayed,Good son-in-law New Year’s visit into contradiction and harm.Tueshun’s mother-in-law was getting old, but she knew she was getting worse and worse, so she told her son and daughter-in-law in advance.Shun new Tuesday because lose money at CARDS, language is not civilization, cause a fight, the original being pulled, to avoid trouble, however, make “2” on Tuesday, don’t know where to touch a hatchet a hammers in my uncle’s house on the table, the table immediately turned out to be a big hole, big New Year was hit the table, not lucky, my uncle was angry, in order to satisfy the psychological shadow,The second uncle is not gentle, loudly scold Tuesday shun, scold scold, scold his sister again, at the beginning why must marry this kind of person can not, in anger, let them get out, don’t come to the New Year.Siblings’ quarrel, cause greater harm than an outsider, in the face of money, in addition to all parents to their children, relatives together, no matter how deep feelings, once contact with money, naked will show the human nature, money, most can test a person’s character, the casinos have a bet, “original”, is a sensible way of doing things.Upright character, can hold people in front of money for money, the talented person thoroughly, open-minded, some brothers to talk about feelings, when it comes to money, immediately expose the dark side of the bottom of my heart, to know a woman, and brought up three sons, the eldest son read the university in a tightening their belts, the eldest son after graduating from college, find a good job,Will married a wife do business to earn money, ten years, her eldest son tandem bought two houses, a set of house has been empty, no rent, her youngest son, 30 years old, I met house prices high, can’t afford to buy a house, talked about two girlfriends broke up because there is no house, the woman with the eldest son big daughter-in-law to discuss,’can you lend an empty house to his brother, “the woman of big daughter-in-law refused, the eldest son hesitant, he worried that lend brother house, or back to the house, will not borrow, but gave the woman disappointment, when the family spelled a life to earn money in the background, for he went to college and thought out, have ambition will help his family,Who knows the child is not mother.Although they had earned both houses by themselves, how could he find a wife who cared about him and could do business without a family to support him through college?Son not to help his younger brother, took it for granted that, the first son said that he was another family, he didn’t want to family make antinomy, so things with money, in this social environment, each telling each, help is feeling, is not to help this copy, there is no right or wrong, just, temperature between people, because some things in bad.Say on Tuesday, since the New Year and children uncle fight in, rarely with child again uncle, Tuesday suitable wife divorce, her family said, don’t divorce, because he and family fight this reputation, they can’t afford to back Tuesday suitable for other things, “two” with his wife’s love “not 2”, marriage not away from, outbreak this two years, suitable to precipitation on Tuesday,In 2022, he went to pay a New Year’s visit with gifts. When his relatives met, they laughed and reconciled their enemies. This year, he drank less and sat down to play cards together after dinner.