China’s second-tier cities reshuffle: Hefei into a second-tier leading city, Wuhu economic take-off?

2022-05-08 0 By

In China, the development of cities is actually very fast, and the GDP of many places even exceeds that of developed countries.Many developed countries have poor people, but their people and economies fit the definition of a developed country.In our country, where resources are abundant and per capita is insufficient, many people are actually poor beyond our imagination.Due to the different factors of geographical environment, cities are actually divided into three or six levels.China’s city hierarchy is divided into first-tier cities and new first-tier cities, followed by the second and fourth tier.With The arrival of Hefei in 2022, many people are concerned about the development data of various cities.Many places have already published their rankings of first-tier and second-tier cities.Through the city ranking, many people are actually very surprised, this and last year’s seems to be a big gap, this year’s first place is Hefei.As the capital city of anhui province, hefei is a city in the Yangtze river delta economic zone, but due to its location at the edge of the Yangtze river delta development zone affected by the economic is very small, most of the time are more wins in self-reliance, but because of the special effects in the provincial capital city, hefei is a lot of economic drive.In addition, according to the latest data of Hefei, the permanent population has been increasing, and the growth rate has exceeded that of Nanjing in the neighboring province. It may be that the city’s scientific and economic strength is relatively good, which has made a great contribution to China’s strategy.The future of this city is promising and the development space is very large, which may attract more talents to develop in Hefei.Hefei Internet terms can also be a hot city?”Wuhu takes off” and “Bengbu has settled down” were two popular online phrases last year, which are actually homonyms.The original intention of “Wuhu” here is to express the onomatopoeia “hoo hoo”, and take off also expresses the meaning of becoming better and stronger. Most of them are used in exclamations after many people gain advantages in playing games.The original meaning of “living in Bengbu” means “being unrestrained”, which can be used to let people unrestrained release their emotions.This homophone is the name of two cities.And to my surprise, the two cities homonym of such a popular Internet term are from the same province, Anhui province.People also jokingly small Since Anhui can have such “wolong phoenix chick” such two cities.After all, these two cities are not because of the network hot word just became popular, the development of Wuhu is actually very good, in the second-tier cities are still ranked.Although Bengbu is not a second-tier city, it is believed that the development of Anhui will be driven by hefei and Wuhu and the development of many surrounding cities together.In addition, there is another news recently that there is a game anchor whose name is Wuhu. Many leaders in Wuhu also noticed this anchor, which is a positive behavior to promote Wuhu. By virtue of joining the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, the mayor also received him personally.Bring an anchor (4) left to summarize in recent years, our country has been in the stage of cashing in giving impetus to the development of the rich, who is a good development, is the ability depends on the actual, foshan and dongguan, much is the contribution with the shenzhen, hefei development well, is driven by the cities such as Shanghai, nanjing, with the development of the city of the future,I believe that next year there are some second line into the first line, and then the second line city again big reshuffle, so in everyone’s eyes, what can be the future of the city?