What kind of car is rr?

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RR is short for Rolls-Royce.1. Brand Introduction: Rolls-Royce (foreign name: Rolls-Royce, alias: Rolls-Royce) is a British luxury car brand, founded in 1906 in The United Kingdom [1], founded by Henry Rice and Charlie Laws.Its cars are the outstanding representatives of top cars and are renowned for their luxury all over the world. It is one of the main representatives of European and American cars. In addition to manufacturing cars, it also sets foot in the field of aircraft engine manufacturing, which was later taken over by BMW.2. Logo story: the Rolls-Royce logo pattern uses two “R” overlap together, symbolizing you have me, I have you, reflects the two harmonious and harmonious relationship.The famous Flying Goddess logo is based on a romantic love story.”Rolls-Royce” and “Rolls-Royce” are both translated from English Rolls-Royce, the difference between the two is: the production of cars is called Rolls-Royce, the production of engines is called “Rolls-Royce”.Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s three largest aero-engine manufacturers.