Girl urges her classmates to dream big, boy faces awkward questions

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I meet you in the distance forty (40), it was the feudal arranged marriage xiao da stem from his classroom edge curve, the figure of a hurry and he almost hit, thanks to xiao dagan had superb brake technology, but the speed is not fast, two of them are almost at the same time issued exclaimed, also back from the brink, so the bike and the man to keep a distance of zero point zero magnitude,Almost hit or almost didn’t hit, four eyes relative, all shouted 1: “is you!”The girl is the last time the final exam was xiao dry flying the adjacent class girl, she is tall, dressed in a pale gray dress, women’s clothes are all in those days was a little hard work and plain living style, especially in autumn and winter clothing is warm color attune is given priority to grey or military green, but the girl handsome appearance is not concealed by the average color,Probably just a little startled slightly calm nervous feeling, her face a little red, but then smiled: “You want to hit me again?”Xiao da stem is not the kind of free and easy person, he faces the schoolgirl originally not good speech, face beautiful schoolgirl especially is tongue-tied, can only hey hey laugh a few.The girl took two steps back and patted herself. “Aren’t you in Class one and Class three?How come you have a holiday?”Then Shodagan said, ‘I have come to see the school.You are two class is!”The girl nodded: “Tang Aijun.What’s your name?”Xiao da gan reported his name, but the girl is not satisfied, asked which a few words after the nod: “you are not the top ten students, your class top ten names I know, Guo Jun is the first, the girl learning the best is Wang Aimei.”Xiao Daguan nodded, but in the mind a little very unconvinced, this Tang Aijun is not despise people ah, can not enter the top ten can not be remembered name?He wanted to say that he had improved twenty-six places in the semester, but he could only say “mm” and “mm”.The girl felt his unhappiness, smile happily comfort way: “good good study, day day up, maybe the second grade we can become classmates.When we one or two classes of arts and sciences branch to delimit into arts, I like science.”Xiao Dagan nodded, he remembered the name of Tang Aijun, also like her bright character, just a little strange, why she also came to school in winter vacation, is it also like their wronged to find a place to vent their emotions?Xiao Dagan returned home at three o ‘clock in the afternoon, Xiao Weidong and Kang Yunmei gathered around to ask about the situation, Kang Yunmei even a little gossip: “what to eat?Did you get a drink?Did you talk to Yang Erni?”Not wanting to worry his parents, Shordagan has learned to endure humiliation: “No alcohol, good food!”He thought to himself, don’t tell my parents about the rejection, or they will go to Uncle Shao River to ask for explanation, there is no meaning.Anyway this two years oneself and Yang Erni are in school, this kind of relatives also is a year to walk.Kang clearly wanted to get to the bottom of the matter: “Does he have meat in his dishes?”Perhaps the meat word to stimulate the intestines and stomach of Xiao Da gan, his stomach actually issued the voice of purr, Xiao Weidong smiled: “Go to the eldest brother to cook some noodles, the first time in the father-in-law can eat full it is strange.Listen, his stomach is growling!”Kang Yunmei took a look at Xiao Weidong, the man and his marriage after a meal did not go to her mother’s home, this feeling is obviously the original experience, hum, no conscience guy.”Where are Iwa and Mistress?”See younger brother and sister are not at home, Xiao dagan is a little strange, this New Year’s day will not go to other people’s home?”Your dad had a fight with Ava, and she went to live in your new house, and the contractor followed her.”Kang Yunmei began to brush the bottom of the pot, she continued to ask: “What does the Yang family say?”What Shordagan feared most was to obsess over such questions: “I didn’t say anything and just let me study hard.Mom, I met my second uncle, he said these days come over please come back to my grandmother’s home.”Kang Yunmei is like being put to good use the method of determination, suddenly stay there, Xiao Weidong also heard his son’s words, the performance was pleasantly surprised: “this boy, zha not early say?”Kang Yunmei tears again: “you two together to coax me!”Xiao Dagan said loudly, “Really, I lied to you that you are a dog. I met my second uncle at the entrance of song Lou village. He went to Guo Zhuang to visit his relatives and said that he would come to pick you up with my little uncle these days.”Kang Yunmei could not cook this time, she began to cry, Xiao Weidong scolded his son: “See your mother made you cry!The little brat!”There was a rare joy in his voice.Xiao da dry spit out tongue, feel that no one should ask themselves to go to the Yang thing.Over the next few days is very calm, xiao dry and began to study hard, is still unwilling to XiaoAiHua, intent on dividing brother the arranged marriage, and easily before him, and said the two Yang ni of bad, and she’s obviously want to question is more direct, total want to set brother and Jin Yunfei, but apparently shaw to dry on the gold beauty don’t have any idea, he is three years older than XiaoAiHua,You know there are some barriers that you can’t cross.A little abnormal is Jin Yunfei, she came to Xiao Dagan’s new home several times to ask questions in the winter vacation homework, but also like to listen to Xiao Dagan talk about the first thing, she said blunly that the first is her ideal at this stage: “Xiao Dagan, do you think you can be admitted to the university?”Xiao dry eyes look around, dodged XiaoAiHua friendly, is contracting shaw in the house outside running around, one to the Chinese New Year better than the guy who is crazy, and he especially like pestering Jin Yunfei, easily tender tender breath shout elder sister, Jin Yunfei also like this more than three years old baby, every time to bring him some of what child rare.Xiao da do not wooden character once upon a time, on the contrary belongs to the level of devil incarnate, but seems to be the date after a while age up, talk to all want to think about, although in the first half of county one achievement made rapid progress, but also very depressed, in addition to sit at the same table chang-ming wang occasionally talk to him, are almost silent, cutting and Jin Yunfei exchanges are also now rambled,The presentation problem is very unclear.”It’s hard to get into college. There are no college students in our village, and my father says the feng shui in the village schools is not good.”Xiao dagan replied that he had thought about the university, but he always thought it was the pursuit of his classmates in the county. He only needed to get a few more rankings, and it was better to get into the top ten and be remembered by Tang Aijun.Jin Yunfei should have dressed up today, there is a smell of snow cream in the air, Xiao Daguan does not know goods, do not know the brand of snow cream, but the gentle aroma let the boy have a kind of addiction, he sniffles, eyes complex looking at the golden beauty.”You have to think big!””You need to be ambitious to be motivated to learn, and I think you can definitely get into college.There isn’t a cleverer boy in our class than you, Shodagan. ‘This pleased Shordagan, for every man has his own particular vanity, but almost all men are pleased to be judged wise, and he pretended to be modest: “How am I wise?I think you’re clever!”Jin yunfei shook his head and said, “You have a very strong logical thinking. You can find a solution to math problems after a little consideration.I can’t. It takes a long time.Shodagan, I like to compete with you, it can motivate me, whenever I don’t want to learn, just think of you, we agreed, you wait for me in the first.I was so stupid. I learned how to ride a bike from Ava and didn’t learn it for two weeks.And so on in the future, you ride a bicycle to take me?”Xiao Da dry can’t say bad, but also know that this is a risky line, now Meng Ziming saw his engagement to laugh at him, in case and Jin Yunfei pester that can make a joke, but after half a year who can say clearly ah: “line!”Jin Yunfei suddenly said: “By the way, I heard that you and a woman of song Lou engaged?This is a feudal arranged marriage, Shodagan. Don’t worry about it, let alone affect your study. You will find a better mate when you go to university.”Xiao Dagan never thought jin Yunfei would say such words, he was tongue-tied, admit it is not, do not admit it is not, his face was red.Jin yunfei smiled, “Aihua told me. She said you couldn’t sleep because you were worried. What’s the big deal?Betrothal is not marriage. This kind of engagement without feelings is old feudalism.”Shodagan wanted to say, “When can I not sleep?”But in the end, he did not say it, but nodded.