Don’t look at the number of farmers, look at the amount of food production

2022-05-07 0 By

Often see on the net have a lot of people to say: henceforth no one planted land, how to do?There is no need for such alarmist fears.I think: do not look at the number of people farming, but to see how much food production, this is the substantive key to the problem.It is true that China’s agricultural population now stands at 509 million, accounting for 36.11 percent of the total population. Among the 509 million agricultural population, those who work outside or in China all the year round amount to 290 million agricultural labor force. The number of agricultural labor force working in the fields has decreased by about 70 percent.Some netizens estimated that there are only about 90 million agricultural laborers working in rural areas, including some older agricultural laborers.As time goes on, the agricultural labor force of some older people will decrease year by year. Indeed, the agricultural labor force of real farming is getting smaller and smaller, and there is really no successor.Many people have reason to worry about the future of no farming.But I still think such concerns are overblown and unnecessary.Because the essence of the problem is how much food can be produced, not how many people can farm the land.Before the reform and opening up, China was known as 800 million farmers, but the grain output was not high.At present, only 90 million people actually work in the fields, but the grain output exceeds 600 million tons every year. The 18 consecutive years of abundant crops have met the needs of the people and ensured China’s food security.So, what if there are not many people farming in the future?This is an easy problem to solve.At the command of the Communist Party, thousands of troops and horses can be mobilized to set up state farms and agricultural production companies with salaries, five insurances, one housing fund and retirement benefits. Then, people will flood into the countryside to farm and agricultural modernization will be realized.