【 Weather 】 Rain and snow will come after midnight today and tomorrow!

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The sixth day sunshine today is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year sunshine favor makes people especially cherish hurriedly hold this precious holiday last day because…The Middle East will see the biggest rain and snow in the year of the Tiger. The weather will be mainly snow in northern China, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will see rain and snow from midnight Saturday to July 7.There was a wide range of rain and snow from the west to the east in the Yangtze River Delta region from the night of 6 to 7.The city 6 midnight rain or sleet, rain and snow, medium, chongming, Jiading, Qingpu and Jinshan and other places have sleet or short snow.Due to the high surface temperature, the road will not appear obvious snow.The temperature is affected by rain and snow weather, 7 The lowest temperature in the urban area of Japan is about 2℃, 0 ~ 1℃ in the suburbs, and there is thin ice in some areas. The highest temperature on the 7th is about 4℃, and the temperature rises from the 8th.The weather trend is mainly cloudy to cloudy before 10th.11-12 by the southwest warm wet air, there will be a precipitation process.1. The rain and snow weather falls at the peak of the return journey. There will be obvious snow or sleet in cities around Shanghai, which will easily cause low visibility on expressways, icy roads and slippery roads.Driver friends should pay attention to keep distance, careful slow.2, affected by the rain and snow weather, the road is slippery, the first working day after the holiday, friends pay more attention to road traffic safety.Information: Shanghai published editor: Bi Yangjing * reproduced please indicate from “Shanghai Changning” like a “like” welcome comments and “ning ning” interaction to send me a “look at” florets ~