Spring breeze sends warm regiment to help obtain employment

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to further improve the “six stability” and “six protection” work, promote youth employment and entrepreneurship, and help rural revitalization, jinchang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and The Communist Youth League Jointly launched the “2022 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month” special job fair in Nanba Township, Yongchang County on February 15.At the job fair, the Youth League municipal Committee and the Municipal Bureau of Human resources and Social Security set up employment policy consulting points to actively publicize employment and entrepreneurship policy information to job-seeking youth.Young volunteers provide volunteer services such as helping to build venues, maintaining order and distributing publicity materials.At the job fair, volunteers enthusiastically answered questions and recommended suitable positions to job seekers.Since the launch of “Spring Breeze Action”, Jinchang Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, based on the needs of young people, gives full play to its advantages, effectively uses online and offline publicity, and builds a communication platform for young people and employment enterprises.In the next step, the Youth League municipal Committee will focus on youth development, provide more accurate services, and contribute youth power to the comprehensive transformation and high-quality development of Jinchang!