Is Changping Tianshou Cemetery a legal cemetery approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau?

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Changping district of Beijing is in the north of Beijing, outside the sixth ring Road. There are many scenic spots left by history, such as the Ming Tombs, badaling Great Wall and so on.Changping district belongs to the upper water treasure, there is a famous mausoleum Changping Tianshou mausoleum.Changping Tianshou Cemetery is located in Nankou Town, Changping District, next to Tianshou Mountain, Tianshou Cemetery has unique cultural and artistic characteristics, impressive.Changping Tianshou Mausoleum is a legal cemetery approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau. The mausoleum is located in a superior location. Tianshou Tourism is not only a mausoleum, but also a historical and humanistic memorial park and life education industry base.