Intangible Heritage Tearing Paper Inheritor Hua Xingfu tearing “Tiger” in the Year of tiger

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“Small and medium-sized three round, triangle nose standing in the middle, mustache delimit two, forehead three delimit wang tian, delimit three knife tiger head show…”Hua Xingfu, representative inheritor of Shanghai intangible cultural Heritage paper tearing project, moves with his heart and fingers on the red paper.In a moment, a vivid tiger appeared on the page.Tearing paper because of “paper” is an ancient intangible cultural heritage art that uses hand instead of knife and tear instead of scissors.In 2015, shredded paper was listed as Shanghai’s intangible cultural heritage.As a representative inheritor of the project, Hua Xingfu’s relationship with paper tearing began several decades ago.When hua Xingfu was in primary school, his family lived on Jiangsu Road.By chance, he saw a foreign folk artist who could tear out characters and all kinds of Chinese zodiac signs on paper with only his hands. He felt very curious.This casual encounter planted the seeds of art in his heart.What a coincidence.When hua grew up, he went to work in a printing factory.Working with paper all day for more than 30 years has given him a keen eye for color and a reverence for every piece of paper.As time passed, he became interested in collecting various kinds of paper and tearing it.After retirement, Hua felt lost and kept asking himself: “What else can I do?”Just then, he saw the colorful advertising paper in his mailbox. He suddenly remembered tearing the paper with his hands as a child. He had an idea: Why not focus on tearing the paper and making some “secrets”?After making up his mind, Hua xingfu searched for materials related to paper tearing in various libraries and bookstores to expand his learning knowledge.In order to learn more from folk art, he often went to chenghuang Temple to “look for treasure”. He was fascinated by folk artists’ paper-cutting and clay figurine. He would stand for hours, insinuating “questions” and “stealing lessons”.By chance, decades later, Hua Xingfu met again the paper shredder he had seen in his childhood. He was no other than Mr. Hood, the famous paper shredder.Hua Xingfu seized the opportunity and asked for advice sincerely.Since then, the seeds sown in his childhood have finally taken root and blossomed, and tearing paper has become his lifelong pursuit.According to different artistic styles, paper tearing works can be divided into three categories: northern paper tearing, Southern paper tearing and Shanghai paper tearing. Hua Xing Fu specializes in Shanghai paper tearing.”The Combination of Shanghai school paper tearing, paper cutting, calligraphy and painting absorbs the delicacy of the south and the bold and unrestrained of the north, which is the embodiment of the integration of Shanghai school culture and traditional Chinese culture.”For tearing paper, Hua Xingfu always has a “crazy” strength.In order to practice the art of tearing paper, he practiced calligraphy, paper cutting, tearing works, and developed the habit of copying, with a sketchbook, record collection of information and patterns, accumulated over a long period of time, sketchbook was much higher than one person.”I don’t know how to use a computer. Before each creation, I read a lot of books and newspapers, took notes and hand-painted materials.””At present, few people know and love the craft of paper tearing. It is not as popular as paper cutting and paper carving, so it should be a social responsibility to teach, inherit and popularize this craft.”Holding the belief of “let more people learn and inherit paper tearing”, Huaxingfu constantly explores and innovates the artistic style of Shanghai school paper tearing and dedicates itself to the paper tearing course teaching.In order to popularize the paper tearing techniques, he compiled the first systematic introduction of The Chinese folk paper tearing techniques tutorial “Paper tearing Art and Techniques”, “Paper tearing” and “Paper tearing Techniques” by using one brush and one drawing, one hand stroke and one hand stroke.On the flyleaf of Hua Xingfu’s full teaching plan, there is a sentence like this: “I am a small stone paving the way, in order to inherit the ancient art of tearing paper, with all my heart, eternal life unremitting pursuit of efforts, always on the road of learning.”Tu Yu Chen Jialin source: Xinmin Evening News