Huxingshan Yao Nationality Township: make concerted efforts to do a good job of low temperature rain and snow freezing weather prevention and response work

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Long Hui News network (correspondent Hui Xianmiao) the recent continuous rain and snow freezing weather, Longhui County Huxing Mountain Yao nationality township has an average of 10 to 13 cm thick snow.A large amount of snow and freezing for the township road traffic safety hazards, and people travel to great inconvenience.In order to eliminate the hidden danger of road traffic safety and ensure the normal production and life order of the people, the Party Committee and government of Huxing Mountain Yao Nationality Township attaches great importance to it, takes multiple measures simultaneously, effectively prevents it, and makes full efforts to make various emergency preparations.First, in-depth investigation of hidden dangers to ensure road safety.Snow is the command, snow removal is responsibility.The township on duty personnel heard the order and moved, to the area of the highway comprehensive investigation, especially in the grass white road and the steep road sections leading to each village set up warning signs, carry out traffic safety persuasion work.All village cadres on the post, and actively organize party members and the masses of the village through the village road due to snow pressure bending or broken branches to carry out a thorough clearance, on the seriously frozen grass white road in the township rod restrictions.Second, strengthen publicity and improve safety awareness.In combination with the work of safe use of fire and electricity, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, epidemic prevention and control, and traffic safety, the general public should be reminded to take reasonable measures to travel, be well prepared for cold, freezing rain and snow, and strictly prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents.Three is to strengthen the duty on duty, to ensure that in office.Strict implementation of the leadership shift and 24 hours on duty system, to ensure that the situation can be found, reported and dealt with early, to achieve rapid response, strong organization, efficient disposal, minimize disaster loss.At present, under the drive of the township Party committee and government, the township departments and villages work together, closely cooperate, actively respond to and prevent low-temperature rain and snow freezing weather disaster, for the township traffic safety and the stability of the people’s life and production order to provide a strong guarantee.Source: Longhui Rong Media Center Author: Hui Xianmiao Editor: Yang Rushu This article is an original article by Longhui News Network. Please attach the original source link and this statement.This paper links: current politics news 1 longhui remove cold rain and snow freeze disaster Ⅲ level 2 longhui county emergency response:3. The weather in Shaoyang city will improve briefly in the near future. 4 safety Proposal 5 Hunan Emergency Release warm prompt:6 Yang Fang and presided over the county to deal with the low temperature rain and snow freezing weather dispatching meeting 7 Yang Shaohui visit during the Spring Festival stick to the frontline cadres and workers 8 fight ice and snow, welcome the New Year!– Annual memory of Huayao Ancient Village, Focusing on humanities and artsBack in 2021,Ran into 2022 cloud pavilion | longhui calligraphy exhibition of fine arts of calligraphy (4) the cloud pavilion | longhui calligraphy works of calligraphy exhibition of fine arts (3) the cloud pavilion | longhui calligraphy exhibition of fine arts of calligraphy (2) read the next ma tong shan: “float volunteer red flag”Condenses to fight snow and ice disaster strong “warm current” return long hui news homepage copyright belongs to original author all, pays tribute to original