How does dialysis patient lead healthy big year

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The Spring Festival is a good day for the family to get together, it is inevitable to push the cup to change the cup, happy all night, dialysis patients how to reasonably arrange better, experts tell you how dialysis patients spend the New Year.A, stay up all right?During the Spring Festival, family gatherings, interpersonal exchanges increase, stay up late, stay up late, watch the Spring Festival gala, dialysis patients should master the moderation.This abstemious must abstemious, already want happily happy mood happy, want to avoid again excessive excitement, also want to avoid sight of scenery feeling, must not stay up late overwork, cause a few complications.Two, eat, ok?The Spring Festival starts with the dinner on the eve of the New Year’s Eve, and it is hard to avoid eating too much, too full, and too greasy when visiting relatives and friends.No matter diabetic nephropathy or renal failure patients caused by various reasons, avoid eating and drinking excessively, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables.As usual, strict control of protein and fat, high cholesterol intake, and to control the total amount of water and salt, to prevent excessive weight gain, resulting in adverse consequences.Can I have some wine?During the Spring Festival, there is no banquet without wine.Can dialysis patients drink less alcohol?The maximum alcohol intake allowed for a normal person weighing 60 kg is less than 60 grams per day.Dialysis patients are not allowed to drink alcohol in principle.Four, a late dialysis line?During the festival, more should be according to the requirements of regular dialysis.I wish you in the New Year: a Hehemumu, a happy year;Happy life, I go in peace;Spirit one hundred times every day, yueyue beaming;Year after year financial resources widely into, but peace and peace!