Drunk call “110” abusive police, bijie a man was arrested

2022-05-06 0 By

Reporters learned from bijie City Public Security Bureau Jinhaihu New District branch, the bureau on February 11 to investigate a case of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, administrative detention 1 people.During 0 to 1 PM on 14 January, bijie jinhai lake district pear town residents luo XXX after drinking at home, no reason to dial “110” call for many times, each time after the telephone connected, luo like someone was on the phone to scold blather, regardless of the police persuasion, also on phone without reproach provincial public security department “110” pear town police station officers and called police.After receiving the police situation, jinhaihu Public Security bureau public security management brigade immediately carried out investigation and evidence collection work.After investigation, luo so-and-so truthfully confessed its drunk without reason repeatedly dial “110” alarm phone, and abuse police officers and police officers illegal facts.At present, luo xx because of picking quarrels and provoking trouble by the public security organs in accordance with the law, administrative detention 10 days.Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter Wang Ruiliang editor Gu Yeling editor Li Kai