A woman married a rich second generation by cosmetic surgery, and then “revealed her true shape” after she became pregnant?

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Nowadays plastic surgery technology has improved, many women are not satisfied with their looks, they will choose to do plastic surgery to improve their beauty, of course, there are many people who get married because of plastic surgery.And today the case of the woman, since childhood was ridiculed for looking too ugly, not many friends, and to the age of marriage, not only can not find an object, even a blind date object have no.At this point, she looked at the news about plastic surgery on the network, decided to try, she felt that he was very ugly, even if not successful plastic surgery, there will be no more ugly, so she took the money, went directly to the plastic surgery hospital.Did not expect the operation unexpectedly smooth, even the doctor said, she plastic face can be a big star.After the heroine came out from the hospital, she felt her youth, so she resigned and became a network anchor.After the surgery, the woman quickly attracted many fans because of her beautiful face, of course, there are many rich second generation.One after another, she and a rich second generation of the relationship is also rising, soon married.She originally thought, “rely on plastic surgery” married into the rich, can live a comfortable life, but we have also seen a lot of plastic surgery left after the sequela.But when the woman became pregnant, she “showed her true colors.”I do not know whether it is because of hormone secretion imbalance, the heroine’s face appeared a lot of acne, her round face also became red, several times she wanted to continue to broadcast, but could not let himself back to normal.She wanted to cover her face with makeup, but was afraid of harming the baby.Together with the poor mental condition during pregnancy, leading to low mood.Her biggest fear is that her husband will not like her, after all, two people rely on their looks to stay together.So, when she realized her appearance had changed, she wanted to go back to her parents’ home to raise the baby, but this was not a good thing because her husband came home every day.Although she would try to avoid him, but if the husband one day asked, how should she answer.See his wife’s change, the husband’s face a happy, he and his wife get along day and night, naturally can see his wife’s change, at first he thought it was because of the endocrine disorder caused by pregnancy, but as time goes by, he gradually understand.But he didn’t say it, partly because he was embarrassed by his wife and partly because he didn’t think it was a big deal.He has a soft spot for his wife.However, the husband is more concerned about how the family will feel after the baby is born.Either way, the husband did a good job of accepting his wife as she was, showing that they were truly in love.I hope two people really start from the appearance level, loyal to talent, stuck in character.As far as the family is concerned, they believe that as long as the husband and wife work together, they can eliminate the root of the family.Luckily, her husband isn’t just about looks, though she used to worry about showing her true colors.But this kind of thing rarely happens, so I would advise girls not to have plastic surgery.And the reason why girls have the idea of plastic surgery is largely because they know that men like beautiful women, so when looking for a partner, men should not only look at the face, should be careful of those who think they are goddess, she may be artificial.What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment below