Yici Community, Yixiu District, Anqing City: Strengthen grassroots Party construction, lead and boost community development

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In recent years, Yaci Community, Yixiu District, Anqing City, closely around the “Leading party building, innovative governance, residents autonomy, co-construction and sharing” work ideas, constantly innovate the party building culture carrier, create a strong party building atmosphere, and constantly enhance the party organization’s appeal, cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity.Strengthen the party spirit education base.Relying on Ye Duzheng life exhibition hall, meteorological Science Museum to establish community “Party spirit education micro base”, leading party members to stay true to their original aspiration, rolling up their sleeves, to play the role of promising, build a solid bastion of grassroots Party organizations.Since its opening, the museum has received more than 100 times from governments at all levels, Party organizations, social groups and overseas Chinese, with more than 40,000 visitors.At the same time, yici East Garden was built into a demonstration site of socialist core values. Starting from the aspects of living environment and cultural environment, 300,000 yuan was invested to build a themed community of socialist core values, which effectively enhanced the cultural soft power of the community.We will establish and improve community-level teams.Actively build the management construction of community Party members, volunteers, unit leaders and grid members, strengthen the study of party members, strengthen the professional training of volunteers, unit leaders and grid members, let party members take the lead and demonstrate, and volunteers, unit leaders and grid members participate in social governance.Giving full play to the role of party members as “messengers of social conditions and public opinion”, organizing centralized training and publicity interpretation of policies and regulations, carrying out household visits and publicity, and doing a good job in the ideological work of residents;Give full play to the role of volunteers as “pioneer civilization guide”, participate in community public security management, assist in community stability, service and other work;Give full play to the role of community unit leader “community information coordinator”, do a good job in dynamic information management, and cooperate with community party members and cadres to do a good job in neighborhood dispute mediation;Give full play to the role of grid members as “civilization building supervisors” to timely find and deal with community environmental health problems.Make good use of resources to increase income.Adhere to the party building as the guide, will strengthen the village collective economy as the village secretary “a handle” project, unremittingly pressure responsibility, grasp the implementation.Constantly revitalize the collective assets, promote the reform of property right system, the village collective assets, such as collective all unused land, appearance room through contract, lease, cooperation and other ways to the development and utilization, and use their own advantages, to build ecological parking lot, collective income, investment share out bonus by operating income increased shareholder to increase revenue, improve residents get feeling, happiness of life.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com