Sudden exposure!CEO’s annual salary over 400 million yuan?Emergency response

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The “Most Powerful Worker” of 2021 is here.According to media statistics, the personal annual salary of the president of Xiaopeng Automobile is 434 million yuan, ranking first in the list of senior executives’ personal annual salary, which also shocked the whole Internet.Some netizens said that it is more than my understanding of money.That’s more than Martin Lau, who earns 428 million yuan a year.”Xiao peng, President personal salary of more than 400 million” refresh netizen: more than my cognition of money recently, according to ti media executives personal salary list, the number one cause of personal salary to xiao peng, President gu macro, annual salary of 434 million yuan, the message quickly refresh on the Internet, many people shocked, said the salary is more than the cognition of money to me.According to the filing, Gu Hongdi has been an independent director of Uxin Co., LTD since June 2018.At present, Gu Hongdi is the president of Xiaopeng Automobile.From 2004 to 2018, Gu served as chairman of investment Banking for Asia Pacific at jpmorgan Chase.Mr. Gu served as vice President of Lehman Brothers Holdings From 1999 to 2004.As of the end of the first quarter of 2021, Gu hongdi owned more than 38.53 million shares of Xiaopeng Automobile, with a market value of $4.6 billion at the end of the period, according to Wind data.In response to the news, Xiaopeng Officially responded that the value of the shares held by the executive was wrongly interpreted as the annual salary.More than 99.5% of publicly disclosed salaries are stock-based incentives accumulated over many years, not one year’s income but several years’ worth of stock-based incentives.As the company’s valuation rose dramatically before and after the listing, so did its equity value.Data show that Xiaopeng Automobile has been listed in the United States since the middle of 2020, with a cumulative increase of more than 167%. The latest share price is 40.06 DOLLARS per share, with a market value of about 34.3 billion dollars, about 220 billion yuan.Martin Lau, president of Tencent, came in second with a salary of 428 million yuan.Previously, his annual salary was set at 427 million yuan in 2020, and has remained above 300 million yuan for three consecutive years.Lau joined Tencent in 2005 as the company’s chief strategic investment officer, responsible for corporate strategy, investment, mergers and acquisitions and investor relations, and is now Tencent’s executive director and president, according to documents.After joining Tencent, Lau led Tencent to develop rapidly in the fields of game, portal and Internet value-added services, which made Tencent’s golden five years.Ma’s annual salary at Tencent holdings is 58.738 million yuan, excluding stock remuneration.Moreover, according to Ti Media, Tencent has the highest executive compensation among listed technology companies, with the total annual salary of seven directors reaching 506 million yuan, of which the share compensation expense exceeds 400 million yuan.The second is Xiaopeng Automobile co., LTD. The disclosed total annual salary of eight directors is 440 million yuan.Alibaba, in third place, has the highest sales revenue and r&d spending among the top 20 companies.Alibaba’s directors and executives receive a combined annual salary of more than 300 million yuan, but the disclosed amount does not include equity incentives.Copyright belongs to the original author of the article content such as infringement and other problems, please contact this number we will deal with in time